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I’ve been reading books as a hobby for quite some time, but being an adult and life getting in the way left me not motivated or interested in reading. That didn’t stop me from buying books, so I have a large amount that I’ve never even opened. My love of books winning every time. The feel of a book, the smell of a book. It’s a wonderful feeling to hold a new book, even a used one, in my hands.

My family and I love thrift stores and my favorite things to look at is the books. Sometimes I bought a book, jumped into it and didn’t stop until done. Other times I’d start one and just got tired, or got busy.

I got “In a dark, dark wood” by Ruth Ware. Finished in two days. A trip to the bookstore and I came home with “You” by Caroline Kepnes and “Outlander” by Diana Gabaldon. My reading of books has been restored.

This blog was just an idea, give my reading books more meaning than just the book itself. Share my thoughts and maybe give myself something to do for myself.

Join me on this adventure! Let’s start a conversation about books. I can’t wait to discuss books with you.

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