Books vs. Ebooks – Which is better? – My Ity Opinion

It’s a debate, Books vs. Ebooks, that I think has been going around for awhile. Ever since Ebooks/Kindle Books came to be a thing, but I wanted to give you which I like and why I don’t like the other. Some people like both, ooo those rebels, and that’s okay too.

This is just an opinion piece and is in no way saying that my word is God. You can like whatever you like, that’s the beauty of this world. We all have our preferences and it’s okay if they are different from everyone else’s. I can see the argument from either format. So love what you love, but let’s see which I prefer.

Books vs. Ebooks

My preference is a physical book. I love to hold a book in my hands, to feel the weight of it, to flip pages and risk paper cuts to see what happens next, the smell of new books; not really of old books but I love that books age and that old book smell means it’s been around for awhile. I love bookshelves, running out of room and stacking your books wherever you can, getting bigger bookshelves to support the habit of buying more books than you have room for.

When I was younger, there were no eBooks. There was no more convenient way to read a book but to me I didn’t find books all that inconvenient to begin with. Sure you had trouble reading a book in the dark, but if you wanted to really finish that last chapter you found a way to get some light.

Then eBooks showed up and they were/are all the rage. You can have all the books you want on one device. You don’t need bookshelves anymore because they are all right there at the touch of your fingers. That’s wonderful, and I can understand the desire for something like that. They don’t cost more than real books do, so it’s not like you are saving money either way.

I think the biggest reason that backs the use of eBooks is that travelling with them is easier. If you were going away for an extended time and wanted something to read, lugging around books would take up way to much space but having them on your iPad or tablet is way easier. I can get behind that for sure, though I don’t know if my family would ever leave me be long enough to read on a vacation.

But there is something about curling up on the couch, holding the newest book that you go, feeling the page as you move your fingers to the side to turn the page. I don’t know what it is but I have a hard time reading an eBook sometimes. It’s easier and I want to get used to reading them more, especially doing this blog, but I’ll never love an ebook over a real one.

So tell me, which do you prefer and why? Do you love real books as much as me? I’d love to get some comments!

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0 thoughts on “Books vs. Ebooks – Which is better? – My Ity Opinion

  1. I don’t have a preference – I genuinely like both! Whilst ebooks can’t give you the smell and feel of a physical book, ebooks are also very convenient on space. Sometimes longer physical books can be quite heavy, so e-readers are good in that respect too.

    I like to mix up reading both personally ?

  2. I Love real Books too, It makes me feel like I am connected to the story somehow and it takes me away to another place and time, ebooks don’t do that for me, I just do not get the connection with holding a Kindle or laptop.

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