One Month Down – Many More to Go

Today is the last day of March and it’s also the day signifying that I’ve had this blog for a whole month. I can’t even believe how quickly that went by and I’m excited for what lies ahead. It has been a crazy month, learning the ropes and trying to fit myself into this already well versed community of people.

I feel like I’ve done so much but also not a lot. I’ve only reviewed five books (technically one series of books). Did three opinion posts, the last of which has done pretty well. I’ve only done one book to screen comparison, which is funny because that was what kind of fueled my idea for the blog but I realized that I have read or watched most of my books that have screen versions in so long that I can hardly remember what happened in either to even be able to compare them to each other. And I’ve shared my unfinished novel with you, something that I’ve kept to myself or close friends for the most part.

It’s been a little but a lot right? Some things that I learned was that the book bloggers and the authors are kind of one community. They help each other out really, and some book bloggers write too. I also learned that the blogging community in general is amazing. Everyone is always trying to boost each other up!

In one month I was able to get 110 blog followers and 249 twitter followers! In one month! That blows my mind! How friendly and helpful everyone is really helps me want to be apart of all of this even more! It’s helped to keep me going in some ways, or at least to know that I can do this. That I can write posts, and there will be people that read them.

This isn’t my first blog attempt. I’ve tried and failed many times. Varying topics that I’d do a post, nothing would happen and I’d just tire of it all together. I finally realized that there is more to it than just posting something and crossing your fingers hoping that it will be seen. It’s work, it’s putting that post out there, representing yourself so that you are seen. I don’t know why I didn’t do that before, maybe because the topics weren’t really good? That is probably it.

So what will next month be like for me? I’ve got another ARC to read that I’ll be posting the review of in April and then I’m going to get on reading the books that I do have already. Plenty that are sitting on my shelves left unread. Also I will probably read a book and then watch it’s movie or show counterpart to actually get some more comparisons done because I think those are fun to read.

I look forward to another month with all of you. Thank you for following me, for reading my words, for every like or comment you give me. Thank you for being awesome! See ya in April!!

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0 thoughts on “One Month Down – Many More to Go

  1. I’m honestly so so so proud of you ❤ I’m thankful to be able to call you my best friend, but we also get to be in the book blogging community together!

    1. You are gonna make me cry! Thank you! Besties for life girl!! So happy I started this and we can be a part of this community together!

      1. Well I mean I don’t want you to cry but I’m glad you are happy! I get to peer pressure you to read books so like that’s kind of amazing.

  2. Many many congratulations on completing 1 month ?? I hope you’re enjoying the community and the support it provides… I look forward to reading your ARC review in April. Good luck dear ?

  3. Congrats on your blog’s success ??I definitely agree with your sentiment that authors and book bloggers work together a lot. I really like how friendly this community is and I hope I can stay for a long time. Again, congrats on finally owning a blog that works for you! I worded that so weirdly, but you mentioned that you tried to start a blog many times, and I’m glad that this attempt worked ??

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