Dreamland: A Ghost Story by Nick Clausen – A Book Review

I received an email asking me to consider reading this book and to be honest I agreed for a few reasons. One, the author was extremely polite, put no expectations on me, offered links to the book and showed that he actually looked at my blog so he had an idea of what kinds of books I may be interested in, of course his fits the bill. Two, the cover on this book is AMAZING. It’s perfection. Covers are my weakness that is for sure and if I saw this on my own, I’d definitely want to read this book. Third, the plot summary. It wasn’t long or overly detailed but it was plenty.

In this review, I will be keeping this spoiler free as I like in my reviews and I’ll talk about what I liked over all about the book. One spoiler. LOVED IT.

Here is the small summary from Goodreads:

Some nightmares never end

In his sleep, Louie starts visiting a magical world where he meets his father, who died when Louie was still a baby. But nothing turns out to be what it seems, and great horrors loom very close by …
Welcome to Dreamland

Dreamland: A Ghost Story Goodreads summary

How can you not want to read about that? So Louie of course is the main character. He’s a wonderfully written boy of Twelve, he’s smart if not a little quiet. I think one of the things that I thought was nice about him was that he wasn’t portrayed as a rebellious kid to begin with. He’s a normal kid, who’s father died and who’s mother is still coping with that and how that all plays into his thought processes.

The author has a wonderful voice for me here. The writing isn’t filled with unnecessary information and the information that you could consider as such, is written well enough that you don’t find them unnecessary. It paints a picture that you want to see through to the end.

“In here, everything is really two things, Louie. What you see and what you want to see. For instance, have you ever seen a fountain where the water turns into marbles?”

Nick Clausen – Dreamland: A Ghost Story

Honestly, he emailed me in the morning while I was at work, I responded after I got off of work and within a couple of hours I had the copy of the book. I sat for three hours straight to finish this but frankly there was no putting it down. Are you kidding me? How could I know what happened next if I stopped reading?!

The ending, was probably the best written, which to me is wonderful but it was all so wonderful but the end brought me to literal tears. I’d say that doesn’t happen often, but it does, however I will say that I got emotional because it was filled with that emotion for me. There was no doubt that the end will make you feel something that’s for sure.

“Maybe Josephine is trying to teach you to read between the lines.”

“What does that mean?”

“It means finding stuff that’s not being stated outright, but is still there. Those things are often the most important part of the story.”

Nick Clausen – Dreamland: A Ghost Story

Nick Clausen is a Danish author who is translating his books to English so he’s got a wealth of books that I look forward to diving into as well! Read this book if you have the chance. You won’t regret it! If you like Young Adult, read it. If you like Ghost stories, read it. If you like books at all, read it!

This is my favorite kind of book, and I’m so pleased that this was shared with me. I just want to say thank you to the author. Below will be links to his book and website, please consider purchasing this book and reading more from this author!

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0 thoughts on “Dreamland: A Ghost Story by Nick Clausen – A Book Review

  1. I do like YA but ghost stories are not my thing. I’d be too scared to sleep. I’m one of those that changes the tv channel even when a horror trailer comes up. Although I’m so glad that you read new authors, I’d love to support them too but I just cannot read digital books. I need physical copies or audiobooks so my options of reading new authors is quite limited.

    1. I love horror! It’s not for everyone. Yeah it’s not my fav but I understand that sending out hard copies is expensive. I can’t do audio books though, I don’t take in anything that’s said.

  2. This book does look interesting but Not sure if it is for me, I do not like anything that is scary or to realistically Scary but will check it out and take a peek.

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