May is upon us and as much as I’m looking forward to May, April was a great month too. Aside from the fact that spring has been on hold and it hasn’t been very warm outside. It is month two of my blog! I started doing book tours which has been fun and something that I didn’t think I’d be able to be a part of so soon into the blog.

For this month I feel like things went pretty well considering. I did not hit my follower goal for this month but honestly that’s okay. I think I’ve made some pretty crazy progress for a blog that hasn’t been around very long. I did however exceed my twitter goals for April which still boggles my mind.

I didn’t review too many books this month, in fact I think my post count was lower for April than it was in March when I started the blog. Unfortunately I got sick so my posting schedule for the month got way messed up and I couldn’t really get things back again. With the tours as well, I failed to pay attention to what the day of the week the dates I was picking was one so it threw the schedule off more.

I had intended to post a review of an ARC however I have yet to finish reading it so I wasn’t able to get that done yet. I hope to be able to get a lot of books read next month. I think that even with that, it was a good month and I’m looking forward to May.

I’ve purchased a Kindle which I think will be super helpful for me to be able to read my ARC’s. Currently I was reading them on my phone as it’s the only device I have with the Kindle app, but with the Kindle itself I’ll be able to get through books faster as well because bigger screen means more words per page!

So what are my plans for May? Well I have more book tours, in fact I’m lucky enough to get to be a part of TheWriteReads huge tour that is happened at the end of May into June. I also have three ARC’s to read, and I’m sure I’ll get more as I go. I also want to try and get my schedule back on track. Tues, Fri, Sun worked really well for me so I hope that I can get that going again.

Thank you to everyone who has followed my blog. I appreciate every like, comment, and follow. You all are wonderful people!

How was your April? Did you meet your blog goals? Comment, I’d love to hear about it.

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0 thoughts on “April Wrap-Up

  1. Woohoo Congrats !
    Happy your first blog tour was a good experience; I so did that too .. just pick a date which was actually Alex’s posting day back when he was active… so I learned it the hard way too ahaha. I almost got caught aswell as I have one for the 2nd, but I just finished it yesterday as I got an “unplanned” arc in-between and well… rereading the first tome AND I just didnt felt like reading. Things happens, and that’s more than okay!

    Instead of a kindle, I went for an ipad – as my godmother’s old kobo was way too old for new updates and such .. but for personal preferences I wanted something I could use to bloghop aswell so instead of buying both, I went with that as there was one on sale.
    I wish you enjoy that kindle xx

    1. Thank you! I’m glad I’m not the only one! I actually wanted something that I could read without having those kinds of distractions so that’s interesting to hear you’d pick kind of the opposite. I already have an Ipad though, plus my phone and my chromebook so I suppose that was also why I didn’t feel I needed a tablet.

      I’m really excited for it. Which is kind of funny because I have never been into ebooks in my life! This blog is changing me! 😀 For the better I think…

      1. Yep I was the same ! I used to be like “erh- ebooks..” but it’s actually quite nice. Specially to read in the middle of the night to be honest ahaha

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