Your Life Is Mine by Nathan Ripley – An ARC Review

I received this ARC in exchange for a honest review.

The first ARC I read, not the first review I posted though, which in and of itself is very exciting! I got the Kindle of this book from Netgalley, my interest really came first from the cover and second from the description. The cover is perfection, it pulls you in, and gives off the vibe that this book holds.

This book is 304 pages long, but it was an easy read and didn’t feel like it was too long. It’s due out on June 4th and I’ll have the pre-order link at the bottom of the post for anyone interested.

So I’m going to not give a review with spoilers of the book, I’ll post some quotes as I always do, and the description of the book but outside of that this review will be on the Characters, the writing, my overall feeling and impression of this book. So thank you to Netgalley and the Publisher for allowing me to get this wonderful book. Here we go..

Blanche Potter never expected to face her past again—but she can’t escape it.

Blanche, an up-and-coming filmmaker, has distanced herself in every way she can from her father, the notorious killer and cult leader, Chuck Varner. In 1996, when she was a small child, he went on a shooting spree before turning the gun on himself.

Now, Blanche learns that her mother has been murdered. She returns to her childhood home, where she soon discovers there’s more to the death than police are willing to reveal. The officer who’s handling the case is holding information back, and a journalist who’s nosing around the investigation is taking an unusual interest in Blanche’s family.

Blanche begins to suspect that Chuck Varner’s cult has found a new life, and that her mother’s murder was just the beginning of the cult’s next chapter.

Then another killing occurs.

Netgalley description of Your Life Is Mine by Nathan Ripley

The story is mainly told from Blanche’s perspective, from when she learns about her mother to the end, with only a few chapters in other perspectives. Blanche is hands down one of the most badass but flawed characters I’ve had the pleasure of reading. She’s been through a horrific trauma, she’s rose above it even though she’s still plagued by the effects. She’s blunt, she’s witty, she’s smart. But she’s also terrified of all of this taking away the life she’s built for herself.

I think what I love the most about her is that she doesn’t really apologize for how she is. She has zero problems calling someone out and telling them off. She tries so hard to put all the trauma behind her but it’s still there and yet she still goes on, still works for herself, to make her life better.

Her best friend, Jaya, is funny and sarcastic. She doesn’t really put up with any of Blanche’s BS which I can appreciate but over all I didn’t much care for. Not because she was a bad character, because I felt so deeply for Blanche that there were moments that I just didn’t like her friend at all. I wanted her friend to behave differently and in the end I think that it was the right way for her friend to behave but I didn’t like it as I was reading it.

In high school they used to ask if Jaya and I were ‘dykes together .’ Try saying it that way. Has the benefit of frankness and makes it even clearer that the speaker is a moron.

Nathan Ripley – Your Life Is Mine – Quote may be subject to change in final release.

The moments that we learn about her father, are interesting because they really let you in on why she is the way she is but also the way he was. It makes you understand aspects that at first seem one way. The cult as a whole isn’t all that different the the ideology of most cults but it also is interesting to me because it’s described in a way that while you are against it you can understand the appeal for some characters in the book.

The cult to me, seems like something that anyone learning about it on TV or the news, or hearing it from Chuck’s mouth, would go home and say that it’s terrible what he’s done but they get it. It has deeper meanings to it beyond the violence that we learn about it. I suppose it’s the kind of thing that people would be foolish enough to want to be a part of and that tells me just how well this was written.

The secondary characters are well written to, their agendas aren’t necessarily what you expect and at first I was making guesses about who was the killer but I was wrong. This book keeps you guessing, keeps you reading and wondering what will happen next. I didn’t feel there was an lulls in the book, and mostly had to stop reading because my phone battery was dying and I needed to sleep.

I was seven years old. And I thought that Chuck won, that he did exactly what he said, that he updated the Bible in cordite and blood, and that no one would ever be the same. For my mother and me, that was true. Nothing was ever the same.

Nathan Ripley – Your Life Is Mine – Quote may be subject to change in final release.

The back half of the book is where things really pick up and where all the twists and turns take you on a ride. I was shocked about a lot of revelations that I just was not expecting but they were good and not ridiculous in the grand scheme. They fit and overall made sense.

I would highly recommend this book when it comes out. BUY IT! Invest in this! You won’t regret it, from the characters to the twisty plot to the flat out great writing. This is a winner and I’m so happy I got to read it!

Pre-Order on Amazon today!!

Have you read this? Comment how you felt about it because I have many many feelings. I hope you enjoyed this review and I look forward to my next ARC.

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