Tainted Luck by Cynthia Austin – A Book Review

The author had emailed me about this book and asked if I’d be interested in reviewing it. The plot certainly intrigued me a lot and since it wasn’t a huge book I knew that I’d be able to squeeze this in to read it. I don’t have a lot of authors approaching me to review but most of the time they are great reads and I’m very happy to have been contacted. Thank you to Cynthia for the email!

I was not disappointed at all with this book. Despite the size, only 129 pages, this was a fantastic story. So let’s jump into my non-spoiler review!

Levi Kast was content living his life in the shadows. He didn’t want much, just his dad’s attention and the girl of his dreams to notice his existence.

Instead, he got more than he had bargained for.

Taylor James was the new student at Kennedy High. She was eccentric, impulsive, Gothic and…dark.

She always got what she wanted, and she decided instantly that she wanted Levi Kast. He became her obsession.

Despite Levi’s initial response to retreat from her other world presence, he was eventually drawn to this girl and her obsession of death and ghosts.

But Taylor had skeletons in her closest, including a dead boyfriend, and before Levi could understand them, he found himself her next victim.

Goodreads Description of Tainted Luck

The story follows Levi while he deals with the New Girls sudden obsession with him. Levi is a character that is easy to connect with which I love when I can connect with a character. He isn’t overly popular in school but that seems to be a choice and god I love that. The idea that you have to be popular in high school to be happy irritates me so having a MC that doesn’t seem to really care about that is amazing. He’s got a wit to him, that lovely dry sarcastic kind of humor that I do enjoy. Rooting for him throughout this book was easy.

His motivations for what really starts the book off is understandable. You can understand why he’d do what he does and hope that he succeeds. The author did such a great job in creating a believable teenage high schooler and I love that so much. I think a lot of YA books tend to give you a Dawson’s Creek kind of teen and let’s be honest, no teenager is actually like that. At least not when I was a teen.

She had just moved to town two days ago and had immediately decided to attach herself to my ass.

Cynthia Austin – Tainted Luck

Taylor is an interesting character herself. She seems a little over the top but I think that was kind of the point. When she explained parts of herself at different times in the book, I found myself hoping that she would be okay. She isn’t perfect and I loved that too. Broken characters are always the best written to me because people in general are broken in one way or another. Cynthia Austin does a great job at making Taylor mildly irritating, funny, surprisingly lovable but also dark.

Levi’s best friend isn’t a huge figure in the story but he does come into play at the right times. The teacher that is a prominent figure was written well enough that you couldn’t tell if he was a good guy or not and it kept you guessing throughout the book. Levi’s father is the typical dad that you just really want to smack because he’s stupid but he’s also the typical dad in a lot of ways. The girl of his dreams was a surprisingly great character. She wasn’t really a part of the story at first but once she comes into play she’s so much fun. All in all every character that is brought in, who has a role in the story’s plot, is well written.

Didn’t you watch American Horror Story? People who snooped around that place were brutally murdered!

Cynthia Austin – Tainted Luck

It is one of the shortest books I’ve read but I didn’t feel like it was missing anything. The characters are strong, the plot is strong, the writing is strong. I enjoyed it very much and think that it’s one of the better books I’ve read since I started this blog. I would highly recommend this one to all of you so you should totally check it out!

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Have you read this or any other book by Cynthia Austin? What did you think of it. I’d love to read everyone’s thoughts on her work.

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