May is over, summer is fast approaching, and despite the crappy weather outside I had a wonderful May Blog month. I still find it hard to believe that I’ve gotten this far, three months in and I’m feeling better about all of this. Keeping up with the blog wasn’t something I thought that I’d be able to do, I still don’t do as good a job with that as I’d like, but it’s been a fun time all the same.

I’ve done eight posts this month which is more than April but still not as much as I could have. Started watching GoT since season one, I blame my husband he knows not what he does, so I haven’t had the extra time after dinner really to be able to work on any posts. Today is a rare day that I can work on a post while dinner is in the oven. So let’s go over how my May went!

I was also lucky enough for TheWriteReads to pick me to be featured for their blog of the day on Twitter and that was with an interesting opinion post about Trigger Warnings. You can find that here if you’re interested in reading. It’s the best viewed post to date! I loved the conversation that it brought about. In the comments and on Twitter.

I was able to review a lovely book You’re Life is Mine, it was the very first ARC that I was able to get and it is a fine book. Check out that review here if you missed it. I wasn’t expecting it to be as good as it was so when it was that good I couldn’t wait to write the review, but I had to wait a while before I could publish it. Worth the wait though!

I did a post about the novel I’m working on, I got a first chapter written that I was really happy about and wanted to share it with you all. Writing a book is interesting for me because I suck at it. No but really, I don’t have the patience for it sometimes so it takes forever. Especially this one!

Finally got to try a tag post though I still don’t know what that’s all about but it was interesting to answer the questions and share that with everyone. I’d probably try and do more of those next month if I can find them.

I did a post about preferred POV and tense as well as Finding the Balance between life and blog. I enjoyed writing both of those because I think it gave a little more insight to me. I still haven’t found the balance but one day I will! Also I hope to figure out how to cook chicken without trying to get my family sick from it being undercooked!

An author emailed me about reading her book, it wasn’t a large one, but it was a wonderful book and I was happy to read and review it for her. Tainted Luck is the book and everyone should give it a read. You can check out the review here in case you missed it.

Finally I ended the month with a blog tour review. Crossline was a great story and a great read. I was happy to be a part of that and all the tours that I do now. It’s so much fun to be a part of something like that, I look forward to any and all that I do in the future.

I do have to say that I exceeded my blog views goal for this month, almost at 600! and I just about hit my follower goal. So close!! I’m sure I’ll hit 200 followers next month! Gotta stay positive.

Onward to June! First month of the summer and already I can see myself staying as far indoors as possible. Either because it keeps raining or it’s too hot! I don’t do well with outdoors life, that’s for sure. Either way I’m looking forward to June. Couple of Blog tours for sure and I’m sure a smattering of reviews.

Here’s to another great month behind us and an even greater month ahead of us. Thank you all to those that read my blog! See ya in June!

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