ARC Overload?! – My Ity Opinion

Advanced Review Copies are the bread and butter for a lot of bookbloggers. It’s a big part of what we post about, it’s a part of how to make money when we post our affiliate links to the books themselves. What I have found to be most interesting thing is that there comes a time when we all realize that we’ve requested way too many of these beautiful books and find ourselves lost in a sea of words.

Is there such a thing as too much when it comes to ARC’s? Let’s talk about it here! I’m still pretty new to all of this but I’ve learned a lot over the last few months so I’d like to share my thoughts.

ARC’s are a very important part of the whole process. The relationship between bookbloggers, publishers and authors is based heavily around the ARC. It is a way to read the book before anyone else and promote the book. It is a way to boost sales, spread the word and help the author grow. When I started this blog I didn’t know anything, not even what ARC meant. Now I have 6 books pending on Netgalley. One on Edelweiss. Plus direct requests from authors that come and book tours.

I never imagine that I’d have so much work to do when I started this. Don’t get me wrong that’s part of the fun. In fact if this is what I could do all day and still provide for my family I would without hesitation. Sadly I’m not in a place to do that but I still enjoy it. But where do you cross the line of being overloaded? How much is really too much? Is there a line?

I’d like to think so. The fact is that you can’t always simply sit down and read a book. Doesn’t matter how good or appealing it is. It’s not really always possible. So you have to hope that the stars align giving you have the desire and time to do it at all. Especially when you need to read multiple books in a month because you have to get those reviews posted before the books are published. At least ideally.

I would say that I’m already overloaded. I have plans, but plans fall apart all the time and I’m trying to add Beta Reading into the mix which will add another element to it all. But is that bad? I’d like to think that it isn’t. If I’m still reading and I’m still posting then I don’t see anything bad about being behind. Yes it can make it harder to get your requests approved if you have a back log but that is just something you have to deal with.

In the end I think that all you can do is what you feel is best for you. Everyone has different limits, but I can say don’t take on too much because you feel like you have to. The bookblogger journey for each of us is different and goes at different paces. Don’t push faster than you can handle just to be more popular, that’s how you burn out. I feel like this should always be a fun thing to do. Keep it fun!

What are your thoughts? Do you feel the same way? Differently? I’d love to read what you think in the comments!!

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0 thoughts on “ARC Overload?! – My Ity Opinion

    1. Beta Reading is reading someone’s manuscript before they want to send it in to a publisher to give feedback on how good it is. A lot of people do it voluntarily and then some do it professionally.

  1. ARCs are really nice until you have a deadline. Some companies will give out arcs for a blog tour which can cause some stress. I personally really like ARCs,…but I could live without the stress.

  2. I am…definitely overloaded on ARCs. I tend to see a title or cover that looks interesting and just hit request, assuming I’ll be rejected anyway…and then I wind up with way too many books to read. I tend to procrastinate things I know I “need” to do, and ARCs become a lot less fun when you’re on a huge deadline. I’ve basically just been ignoring my ARC TBR because every time I look at it just stresses me out :/

  3. It is easy to request too many… I have had to set up a whole page of my tablet with calendars and deadline trackers to make sure I’m on top of things and I’ve barely started blogging!

  4. I love this post! I think there is definitely such a thing as “too many ARCs”. When I was a fresh book blogger and discovered Netgalley, I requested ALL THE ARCs. And, not surprisingly, was unable to finish 50% of them because I requested them without really thinking if I truly wanted to read them.
    Now, I don’t request ARCs very much – the pressure to read them can be insurmountable!
    Lovely discussion post <3

  5. I loved this post! I’ve definitely been overloaded at times but once you get in front again you can have a little chill aha!

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