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So a couple of weeks ago I put out a tweet asking if any Book Bloggers would be interested in doing interviews with me to be featured on my blog. I was expecting a few that I could feature each for a month and that would be that but lord was I wrong. You came in droves. Well not really, but it was far more than I was expecting and I’m excited!

Also a little scared. Frankly I’ve never done this sort of thing before. I looked up questions but they all seemed super bland. I wanted to do something that could be interesting, that the bloggers who had to answer these questions didn’t feel like they were super lame, and that we all could have fun with this.

So I decided to venture onto the blogs of the first few that wanted to take part. In reading their about pages and scanning through posts I figured that the best thing that I could do was to make up my own questions around them but also I wanted to have questions that other bloggers could find inspiring or see that they can do this or that with their blogs.

So starting the 1st of July every two weeks I will feature a different bookblogger. Also with the help of one of the bloggers, there is the option that I will feature the interview for one week and a guest post for the second week from the blogger. The guest post is totally optional, but it sounded like another way to make this more interesting for everyone involved.

Want to join in? There isn’t a cap on how many, at least not at this point. I may find my sanity wearing after awhile with coming up with questions but I’m down for it if you are! Send me a message, comment below, or hit me up on Twitter and I’ll add you to the schedule. It’s currently as you request, you get added into the line up so there could be a bit of a wait.

If you don’t want to do an Interview but are interested in doing a guest post, that can be worked out too! I’d love to support all my fellow Book Bloggers out there and I hope that this will help!

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  1. Somehow I must have missed this. I’m not sure that anyone wants to hear from me but if you want to feature me… feel free

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