Summer is here and I wish that I could say that this month was a really great one but frankly it wasn’t the best month on my blog. My views are significantly less than last months and that’s all on me. I didn’t post anywhere near the number of posts I did the month prior. I didn’t put my blog link in every thread asking for blog links on twitter.

Despite the low numbers I’m really happy anyway. It’s the end of my fourth month on this blog and a couple of really amazing things got started so I have no doubt that next month and the months to follow will be amazing! I just want to thank everyone that follows me here or on my social media. It means the world that you all are interested in what I have to say, so thank you so much!

I’m pretty sure that I mentioned that my posts were down because of binging Game of Thrones and well that seeped well into June because it was only about a week or two ago that we finished the show so that I could get back on track but by that point it was just too late to get posts out with all my other life responsibilities.

Despite that I did participate in some tours, the biggest being just two days ago with the Ultimate Blog Tour that was set up by TheWriteReads On Tour and I am so grateful to have been a part of it. I did get to post some reviews and some opinion pieces so it wasn’t all that terrible of a month. I think my main problem was I just didn’t promote enough of what I did post.

Sometimes it’s hard to remember that a big part of how I get views is having to be active on Twitter and put my post links on blast A LOT. It doesn’t help that the timeline for Twitter is super annoying and not everyone will see my tweet when it happens.

I want to talk about the two awesome things that happened to me. So first, I did an update post about this but I got a huge response on a tweet about interviewing other bookbloggers to feature on my site. The first interview will be up tomorrow and I’m really pleased how much everyone has been interested. I’m excited to see how this all goes. So look for those posts, they’ll be a new interview every two weeks until I run out of people.

The other great thing was that I was accepted as a book reviewer for The Writing Community Newsletter! I’m so happy about that! So I get to review more books and work with a group of really amazing people who put their heart into the newsletter. They are launching the official site tomorrow and the third edition of the newsletter will be out. You will be able to sign up through the website tomorrow and if you’d like to subscribe to the newsletter today before the website is live you can go here.

I’d love to see the subscriber count really go up! If you are a publisher or author who is reading see my contact page about where to email to have your book added to the list to be put on the newsletter!

I only reviewed two books outside of a book tour. Both horror novels and they were both amazing books. They Only Come At Night and Haverscroft. Only two book tours this month, Haunted Ends and Chasing Graves. Both were really interesting books and I enjoyed reading them. Click the links to read my reviews of these books.

My other posts were opinions, updates or an illusive Writing Wednesday post. Not a lot at all. My TBR is high, I have put on the schedule other books that I need to review plus the physical books that I purchased that I want to read and review as well.

I got the first book in A Song of Ice and Fire, so I do want to compare that with Season 1 of Game of Thrones. Then there is of course Outlander, I still haven’t finished that and I wanted to do a screen comparison of that one as well. I have a lot of ideas for the future, it’s just a matter of time to get them done.

I’m looking forward to July, I will be working on more posts, promoting more and hopefully I can have my July views exceed my May views. Fingers Crossed.

How was your June? Did you meet all your goals? Let’s chat in the comments! I’d love to interact with you all!!

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