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It’s the very first BookBlogger Interview here on Ity Reads Books and I’m so excited to share it with you. Today’s BookBlogger is Stephanie with BookFrolic. She was the first one to sign up and I’m super excited to have been able to interview her. She’s new to the book blogging game but something tells me she’s going to be around for awhile.

I will have all her links after the interview so please check out her blog and follow her on all her social medias! So let’s get right to it shall we?

1. You mention on your About page how you’ve been into books since you were a kid. What was it about books then that you loved?

I don’t know if there was anything specific that I loved about books, I just love reading. I blame my mom – she was a Stay-At-Home-Mom and she took me to the library at least 2-3 times a week (she also loved to read) so I think it was just being surrounded by books all the time and seeing her reading that made me want to read too.

2. Has that changed now that you are an adult?

Not at all, although there was a period of years where I didn’t read for enjoyment very much (mainly during university).  After graduating I started reading for fun again and am definitely in love with books as much as ever.

3. What made you want to start a book blog?

I’ve been blogging for a really long time but never about books (I started with a beauty blog and then moved to a food blog, which I still run). I was mainly worried about reviewing books. It’s so subjective – I didn’t want to say anything negative about anyone’s book. But when I started working with authors and becoming more involved with other book bloggers, I couldn’t resist starting a book blog of my own. 

4. Did you think it was going to be easier or harder than it is?

It’s harder! LOL. But only because everyone has been so welcoming. I thought I’d start by reviewing the books I already have on my shelf because I was sure it would take years before someone would offer me a book to review. But I was so wrong – within a week I was getting books from authors and through Netgalley. I sometimes feel overwhelmed with the books I have to review and have started to turn down books (which I hate to do). I don’t want the pressure of having to meet blogging deadlines ruin the enjoyment of reading for myself.

5. You also mention on your About page that you run your own business as an Author Assistant/Online Content Creator. Can you describe what that is and what you do?

I have two different parts to my business. As a content creator, I do freelance work for agencies – I create content in the form of writing blog posts and designing social media posts (including the graphics). As an Author Assistant, I support my own clients with a variety of tasks, including social media management, calendar management, website builds/upkeep, podcasts, newsletters, etc. I also have started organizing book blog tours since many of my clients have been asking for that service. I have to redesign my own website but if anyone wants more info about what I do, they can check out my website at

6. How did you get started in that?

Completely by luck! I had been working in public relations and marketing for many years before starting my own freelance marketing company. A friend of mine (who’s an author) asked me for some marketing help so I helped her out. Then I responded to a post on Twitter (from a stranger) asking for author marketing help. One thing led to another and before I knew it, my entire client list was made up of authors. So I decided to re-focus my business and support authors exclusively. I honestly can’t believe that I make a living talking about books. It’s a dream come true!

7. You stated that you started your blog in January, have you met your goals along the way?

I’ve definitely met some of them! I set some blog-related goals (ie. interview one of my favourite authors, get a certain number of approvals from Netgalley, write a review a week, etc) that I’ve met. The only ones I haven’t hit yet are some of the number goals I set for my social media accounts, but I still have half a year!

8. Is there any specific thing that you can attribute to your success as a book blogger?

LOL. I don’t think I could be considered a “successful” book blogger yet! As you pointed out, I’ve only been doing this for a few months, so you’ll need to ask me this again in a few years!

9. Any tips for other new bloggers just starting out?

Don’t do it for the money! Haha. Out of the three blogs I’ve had (beauty, food and now books), this one is probably going to be the least “successful” in terms of generating income. But I’m not doing this for the money. Start a book blog because you love talking about books. Be kind. Support other bloggers – it’s a community, not a competition. 

10. Where do you see your blog when your one year mark rolls around?

I hope that I’ll be blogging more often and more regularly (my aim is to post at least twice a week, which I’m not doing at the moment). I also have a fun book and food related project planned that I hope to launch in the next few months.

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Thank you Stephanie for being the first interviewee! This post will feature at the top of my blog for two weeks. Let me know what you thought of the first interview and show some love for BookFrolic!!

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