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We are onto our second Book Blogger, KayCKay. She’s been doing this for a bit longer than BookFrolic and way longer than me. I love her blog and I’m so happy to share her interview with you all. Like last time her links will be at the bottom so make sure that you hit her up, follow her on all the things because she’s awesome! She will also be doing a guest post for her second week feature so look out for that on the 22nd!

Each interview will have unique questions for the blogger so it was interesting to read up on her and come up with some fun questions that I think will help showcase just how cool she is! So let’s get right into it!

1.    What is the best part about reading for you?

Dr. Seuss said it best – “Reading can take you places you’ve never been before.” Within the pages of a book I can be transported to other countries and worlds, sent on epic adventures, learn something about history, experience myriad emotions (e.g., love, pain, joy, fear, anger, hate, happiness), solve mysteries, hide from ghosts… shall I go on?  The best part about reading for me is that I know every single book I open will take me on some kind of journey and that is simply exciting!

2.      Do you feel like that changes as you get older?

There is a cute meme that depicts a little girl being sent to her room by her mother. The girl has a cat draped over one arm, a book under her other arm as well as one in her hand, and a huge grin on her face as she heads off to her room. LOL! No punishment there! I can totally relate! I loved spending time in my room reading when I was younger. My mom actually used to make me go outside to get some sunshine once in a while when I was little because I was simply happier curled up in my room with a book. So, when she’d make me go outside, I’d grab my book and read out there. Problem solved!

The only things I think have changed since I’ve gotten older are:

a.      I can read in my room all I want now!

b.      My selection of books has expanded (I’m much more open to various genres now).

c.      I’ve developed a better appreciation of that journey I discussed above. I remember enjoying books when I was younger, but now I am absolutely grateful for books.

3.      How did you get your book blog started?

Total whim actually! I honestly can’t say there was a specific spark that set me on this path or what the impetus was. I wasn’t part of a blogging community in any way before I started my own. I honestly woke up one day in November 2018 and starting thinking about it and VOILA! Within a few days I found WordPress.com and the rest is history.

4.      What’s the hardest part of being a book blogger that you weren’t expecting?

The hardest thing to me is the obligation. I feel obligated now to keep posting reviews regularly and give my wonderful followers content to read. This is 100% in my own head and I am sure if I asked my followers if they mind if I post more or less they would probably say they are fine with whatever I want to do. That is what I would tell another blogger that asked me that question! But that obligation is still there in the back of my mind – POST POST POST! For example, this past week I have been really sick and I’ve basically spent days in bed. I wasn’t even reading, much less blogging, and at least a part of me felt horrible about not keeping up! I’m not sure if other bloggers feel that way or not, but it has been a hard thing for me to deal with.

5.      You’ve read so many books! How do you choose the books you read?

I read a lot of genres and sometimes my choices appear to be rather random, but there is a method to my madness. I am a NetGalley reviewer, so first and foremost I read the ARCs provided to me from them. I get direct requests from authors to read and review their books. I get recommendations from my teenage granddaughter and I always read what she suggests. I peruse OverDrive and Hoopla Digital for books that pique my interest (and are available). I always read new work from a favorite author or a new book in a series I’m invested in. And, I will admit, I am a sucker for a good cover!

I actually try not to think too hard about the type of books I read. I basically read the synopsis of a book and if it sounds intriguing or interesting, I will read it. This doesn’t always work out and I don’t always love my choices, but thankfully there are always more books to read next.

6.      How do you balance your family, work, and blogging?

I am a full-time professional engineer by day. Thankfully my job doesn’t have many obligations on my time outside of a typical 8-hour day. At home it is just me and my husband (he is retired). Our lives are not full of much hustle and bustle these days, and I am able to spend as much time reading and blogging as I like. So right now things are pretty easily balanced.

7.      With your love of music, do you listen while you read?

I don’t typically, mainly because I do most of my reading curled up in bed. However, I will occasionally have classical music playing when I read.

8.      You’ve traveled to so many interesting places. Do you have any books or special items from those places that remind you of the trip?

I have been privileged to travel to England, France, Italy, Guam, Okinawa, Japan, and South Korea – some trips for pleasure, some for work, but all fantastic. I do not have any books from any of those trips (although that is a fantastic idea!!) but I do have various souvenirs that I brought back with me from every visit. One consistent thing I try to bring back is at least some coin currency from my foreign visits – I have a little collection of Pounds (sterling), Euros, Yen, and Won. 

9.      If you could tell a new blogger starting out one thing what would it be?

Don’t get caught up in the statistics. You aren’t going to have 10,000 followers in the first week, or the first month, or even the first year (most likely). Don’t stress about it. Just put out great content for people to read and the followers will come.

Bonus tip for book bloggers – BE HONEST! You don’t have to love every book you read. I certainly don’t and in my reviews I honestly tell the reader what I did and didn’t like about a story. I am not mean about it, I am honest. I get more compliments and comments from my readers about appreciating my honesty than just about anything else.

10.   What are you future goals for your blog?

Honestly, my goals are very simple. I want to continue to provide honest reviews, and I want continue having fun doing it.

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Thank you so much for being a part and taking the time to answer these questions! I’m so happy to help support your blog and I hope my other followers do as well if they don’t already!

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