July is over?! How did that happen? This month has flown by, I can’t even believe it. It is the end of my 5th month with this blog and it’s been such a lovely experience! I didn’t get to do as many posts as I had planned, life just got in the way but I did have a great blogging month over all.

So let’s go over the books that I reviewed and some of the fun things that happened this month!

I only reviewed two books, well one technically because the other was more talking about an ARC that I didn’t much like and stopped reading. I find that reviews are difficult to get out actually. Trying to read books that I own to write reviews is already hard with the load of other books that I have to read for book tours or for the newsletter. So I try to review books I have read but some of those lovely books I haven’t touched in ages so even that proves difficult.

However I do enjoy writing reviews. I want to adding more negative reviews while also keeping those reviews as nice as possible. I don’t want to bash anyone and the great thing about opinions is that everyone can have a different one and they aren’t wrong. However this month I realized that I hadn’t posted a single review of a book that I didn’t like only the ones that I loved. It’s a very skewed picture of things and it doesn’t show a fully honest representation.

I can say that all the books I’ve reviewed and liked were honest reviews but if I don’t also post about books that I don’t like, I can’t show that I’m fully honest. I will say that in most cases I don’t finish a book that I don’t like. So I won’t be able to give full reviews so much as discussions on why I stopped reading and what I found to be bad about the books over all. This also means that I may not have any for a bit until I come across some or can go through older books that I didn’t like and stopped reading.

This month I started my book blogger interviews! It’s been going really well! We got through three bloggers this month and it was wonderful learning about all of them. I still have a ton of bloggers to get through, if you want to be added to the list please contact me because I’d be happy to add you on but these are booked all the way until next year! Such a great response!

I was featured as blog of the day but The Write Reads on Monday and it always blows me away how many people visit and comment. So far I’ve been featured twice and both were think pieces for posts. This most recent one, Fanfiction. is it harming writers?, had a bigger response over my Trigger Warnings post. I’ve linked them both here so if you haven’t read them please I’d love to hear new thoughts or comments on them.

The feature actually gave me the highest view numbers since I started my blog. Over 800 views in July! I love it. Thank you so much to everyone that has visited, commented, followed, or liked my posts. You all are wonderful.

On a similar vein two people nominated me for the sunshine blogger award and try as I might I did not get to post my own which I was sad about. But I just wanted to say thank you for nominating me! Even if I couldn’t continue the process and nominate others.

I’m so amazing with my follower count! Especially since my blog hasn’t been going for very long. So thank you to all the 271 blog followers and 996 twitter followers. You all are wonderful!

I also started working on a separate website for my beta reading and copy editing services but I’ve decided that I don’t want to do that. At least not at this point. I’m going to revamp the page for the beta reading and add one for editing and go from there. I’m small potatoes so I don’t need a fancy site or anything. I’m also going to be putting bookmarks that I’ve made for sell on my site as well, so look out for that!

So what’s in store for August? Well more book blogger interviews and guest posts! I have a book tour post coming soon for a really amazing book that I’m really excited to talk about. After that I’m not sure. If anyone has blog post ideas that they’d like to see please comment below so I can work on them. I’m looking forward to my blog growing and doing more so here’s to August!

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