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It’s our fourth interview on ItyReadsBooks! We have so many more to go which is always exciting! This time we have Alys in Bookland. She’s a bookblogger that’s been around and she’s from the Philippines which is a fact that I did not know until I checked out her blog. I hope you all enjoy her interview and give her some love as well!!

1. You are so active in your community and with school, how do you find the time to read and review books?

It is tough to find time to read and review books since I transferred to another university and took a different degree. Being an Internal Auditing student eats away most of my free time, so maybe, if I could find time to read, then that’s all I can do, to read the book but not review it. Then, aside from being a student, half of my free time was being taken away by my activeness in school and local organizations. Hence, one of the reasons for me to take a break from blogging.

2. What’s your favorite genre?

I have four genres that I love – mystery, fantasy, thrillers, and paranormal. But, if I have to choose one among the given genres, I’ll pick fantasy.

3. What do you love about Alice in Wonderland so much?

The underlying message. If you will read it as a kid, it is simply a curious little girl that followed a rabbit into a hole that leads to a wonderland where she met different characters. But as I grow up, I understand, somehow, what are the messages behind the story and what might be the symbolism of each character.

4. Does living in the Philippines make book blogging harder?

Kind of. Especially when it comes to requesting ARCs, and I know, most of you know why *mumbles about international bloggers’ problems*. But, when it comes to other stuff, I don’t think it makes blogging hard for me. Maybe, as a bookworm, but not as a blogger.

5. Does it not matter at all?

For me, it doesn’t matter that much. Blogging is my hobby, and I haven’t started my blog for that purpose only. I started this blog because I want a place to talk about books and book-related topics.

6. You seem to love math. What about it do you enjoy?

I enjoy solving my way out of those tricky equations and problems. They are simple numbers and symbols for me (not really simple simple), but they always irritate the hell out of me, and so I get challenged to find the answers. I like challenges, hence, my love for Sudoku and other stuff that challenges you.

7. Did you miss blogging when you were away from it for so long?

Of course! I missed talking about books and connecting with my blogger friends. I wish I still have contacts with my first friends in blogging. Most of them stopped blogging already, and only a few are still active until today.

8. What brought you back into book blogging?

I don’t know. Maybe because one of the *hellish* semesters in my college life is done and now, I have like three months to spend on reading and my blog. So, I took the opportunity to use that little time to do what I need to do for this blog. And here I am, actively blogging with a new brand name and them for my blog.

9. If you could name one thing about book blogging that you loved the most, what would it be?

The one thing that I loved the most about book blogging is the FREEDOM to share my love for books. 

10. Why?

Because I can share the thoughts that I get while reading the book, talk about the bookish topics that I want to discuss, and have the chance to meet your fellow book lovers.

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  1. I love this idea and the interview! I always think about reading and math as two opposite sides of the brain so it is interesting to hear someone that is a lover of both.

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