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It’s day one of TheWriteReads Ultimate Blog Tour for an amazing book, A Different Time by Michael K. Hill. As soon as Dave said that he was going to do a blog tour for this book I was so stoked to be a part of this and jumped on the chance.

Thank you to Michael for writing such an awesome book and Thank you to Dave for letting me join in. I did receive a copy of this for an honest review as well as to be a part of the blog tour. So let’s get started!

About the Book:

Keith Nolan falls in love with a remarkable young woman from the past, talking to him on a home video she recorded in 1989. To keep their conversation going, he must find more of her tapes—while forces work against them both, and time is running out.

Pages: 197
Genre: Fantasy Romance
Published by: Tangent Press East

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My Review:

I have so many things to say about this book but also I can’t say too much or it will give too much away. I can say that this is one of my favorite books that I’ve read. This book should be read by everyone, it should be loved by everyone. It had such heart, that pulled me right in. It’s an interesting plot, when I heard of it I did think of that movie “The Lake House” but this is actually different in a lot of ways.

The story takes place in two times, following two people who defy logic and meet. Not in the traditional sense but that makes things much more interesting. I loved these characters, I love that they have an instant connection and that the pull for them is strong.

A fine dusting of light snow floated onto West 40th Street and Broadway, coating parked cars like powdered sugar, while tendrils of steam escaped from storm drains, then vanished in the chilly air.

Michael K Hill – A Different Time

The book is also witty and the main characters have a nice level of sarcastic humor that made me laugh at random times. Despite the depressing under tones of the lives these two lovebirds have there is some lightness to them that made me smile. The author also does an excellent job of pulling you so far into this story that you are fully invested by the end and it makes it all worth it.

“Trolling on Reddit,” he said. “Can you believe some assholes don’t consider Die Hard a Christmas movie?”

Michael K Hill – A Different Time

The ending. This ending hurt. It hurt me deeply but in the best way that a book can hurt you. I couldn’t prevent the sobs for the first big reveal but it didn’t end there, there was more and it was such an emotional series of moments that I was left broken. I loved this ending though, it was such a perfect ending to all that happens to these two characters. For me it wasn’t fully happy and wasn’t fully sad. It was raw and wounding but also gave you hope.

I think the only thing that I was left with after I finished was thinking that it seemed a little unnatural for two people to feel so strongly for each other in such a short amount of time. However I was able to look past that because the whole why they come together is already not all that natural to begin with so obviously it all is deeper than what is normal for real life.

All in all I would read this one again, I would recommend it highly to anyone that wants a good book to read.

About the Author:

Beginning as a sketch comedy writer for American television, Michael K. Hill progressed to become an internationally published writer of fiction and non-fiction. His short story anthology, Anansi and Beyond, published in 2017, and his debut novel, A Different Time, is available now. He lives in Connecticut with his wife, kids, and 7 rescued animals.

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Thank you for stopping by on the first day of this Ultimate Blog Tour! The schedule is in the image for this post so don’t forget to check out everyone else’s posts and reviews! Follow Michael and BUY THIS BOOK! It’s totally worth it I promise!

Have you read this book? Comment with what you thought about it! I’d love to hear everyone’s opinion!

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