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It’s Jordan’s last week for her feature! What a great topic for her guest post! I’m so excited for you to read it that I’m going to make part of it the intro to the post. Thank you again to all those that have participated in these features. This will be my last one for a while but hopefully I have others willing to take this on so more can have their time to shine! So here is the start of Jordan’s post…

Are you avid reader or book worm?

Do you find yourself giving a detailed recount of the book you are reading to friends or family, only to be met with a blank expression?

Do you stalk the web looking for fans of your latest book obsession?

Do you like to keep a record of the books you read, but need to include more notes because you just read so, many, books?

Then you, my friend, need to start a book blog.

Blogging is a very popular hobby these days; the blogosphere is dominated by Fashion, Food & Travel blogs, but is closely followed with other interests like Lifestyle, Gaming, Parenting, and Entertainment.

In comparison to these topics, the Book Community is a minority- which is amazing considering how many books there are out there to read and discuss! I could only find hard stats from 2013, but UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organizations) estimates a whopping 2.2million new titles worldwide each year (https://www.theifod.com/how-many-new-books-are-published-each-year-and-other-related-books-facts/)

With this many books hitting the shelves, I can promise you there is room for more book bloggers, especially as the rate of self published author increases year by year, book bloggers are a great resource for indie authors to get their book out there in the world.

Even if you are partial to the most popular books, reading is a subjective hobby- you might love a book that the next person was bored by, and vice versa. There is always room for a new point of view, or just adding your voice to an existing fan base!

I put the question to the Book Blogger Community on Twitter, and got an overwhelming response with some very similar themes.

Nearly everyone started their book blog because they just needed somewhere to talk about and immortalize their love of books. They didn’t have friends or family interested in the same books, if at all interesting in reading.

If that sounds like you, but you aren’t yet convinced, here are the reasons you should start a book blog.

1. Community

The Book community is hands down one of the most supportive online groups you will ever come across. With little drama, issues usually only crop up in support of minority groups, authors, and artists. The community is very protective of equality and representation, and supportive of new members.

Not only are you open to building friendships with other readers, but getting to network and have contact with authors and publishers is a huge bonus! A lot of authors on social media are happy to answer questions and thank you for loving their books and characters.

Self published authors are always on the look out for reviewers to read their books and provide reviews and feedback. Bloggers are an essential resource for new authors in getting their book noticed!

2. Self-expression

Your blog is 100% customizable to YOU. You can do short reviews, long reviews, rants, and post lists. Your blog can be black and green with dragon logos, or pink and silver with unicorns. You can play music, run adds, post photos, reviews, author Q&As – the sky is the limit and there is no boundary for your creativity.

Be warned- if you aren’t tech savvy, you are about to be! Nothing taught me computer skills faster than my desire to self learn how to customize my blog. Now when I pull it up I feel so much joy – because it is just exactly what I want to see.

3. Self improvement

It comes as no great surprise that a lot of readers are budding writers as well. Writing and posting regularly, and publicly, is a great tool for improving your writing skills. In addition, learning to be consistent, meet a deadline (self imposed deadlines count!), being organized, and scheduling, are great skills to hone in on, and will pay off even in your day job.

4. Achievement

There is nothing like setting your own personal projects and goals, and getting that sense of achievement when you meet them. Many bloggers raised that blogging as brought them a sense of purpose, achievement and worthiness. It’s been a great tool for building self confidence and improving mental health. It is a great feeling to hit “publish” – not to mention when you get your first like or comment on a post you feel passionate about.

Ok so now that I have convinced you of the benefits of starting book blog, but you probably want some advice?

Blogging can be created completely free, websites like wordpress, blogger, wix, offer great templates to get started on for free. All you need is a name, choose style, and off you go!

But you want to know how to make the most of the experience right? Again, the community offers this advice:

1. Be yourself!

This is your blog, your writing, your thoughts. Don’t try to be something you are not- because it will get tiresome and difficult, and you will start to hate it. Be you!

2. Have Fun

Don’t let reading and blogging become a chore. Sometimes you can get caught up in the new books, publication dates, blog tours, and reading stats- and it will quickly suck all of the fun out of your blog if you don’t keep an eye on it. Look to other blogs for inspiration, comment on articles and blogs you enjoy and keep it fun.

3. Be Organised

Posting consistently brings the most benefits, so try and come up with a schedule of when you would like to post. If you are reviewing pre-release books, there will usually be a deadline for blogging about it. Keep yourself ahead of the game by being prepared in advance, and create a schedule so you don’t get overwhelmed.

4. You can say No!

You are not obligated to post anything you don’t want to post. If you don’t like the sound of a book, you can tell an author or publisher so. If you read a book and don’t like it, don’t be pressured to say otherwise. Be yourself, this is your space on the internet and you are not required to change that for anyone.

So are you ready?

Hit up Twitter #bookbloggers if you want more help to dip your toes into this amazing community.

You will have zero regrets if you start a book blog, there is constant and never-ending source material, and countless friendships to be had.

I highly recommend checking out @the_writereads to get a wonderful group of new and experienced bloggers from all over the world, with great blogging tips and opportunities.

Now go forth, and BLOG!

If you do make a book blog let me know ! @readwithwine_

A huge thank you to Chasity for letting me guest post this week!

Thank you to everyone reading! Look back at all the other bloggers guest posts and interviews! They are all awesome people. Don’t forget to follow Jordan and give this post some love!

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