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I’m so excited guys! What was The Writing Community Newsletter and flourished into Envie! A Magazine for the Literary Curious. I was lucky enough to be a reviewer for the newsletter before but now I’ve gotten what I would say is a little promotion to staff writer. It’s kind of insane how I’ve gotten this far after starting my blog only in March of this year.

But I wanted to talk a little bit about a couple of changes that are coming to Envie! especially the one big one that I’m co-running. Bibliophile Bay: Blog of the Month. It’s going to me amazing! You’ll see…

As the Newsletter morphed into a magazine publication, the Review team talked about options for our future. I think that our ideas are really going to be exciting for us as well as for our Readership. So, you are looking at the NEW Horror reviewer for one. I’ll be posting reviews on Horror novels that I enjoyed reading as well as post some quick picks of great books to check out in this genre.

Each of the reviewers will review books of a specific genre, an idea that I suggested because really we all know what we really like and wouldn’t it make more sense to have someone that loves the genre of your book read it? I’m so happy it’s a way that we all agreed to go and I’m so excited for everyone to see this in action next month.

If you want me to check out your horror book, send me an email through the blog or find me on twitter!

What I’m also super excited about is Blog of the Month. My Co-Blog Master, Anna, and I will be looking for blogs to feature each month. We’ll interview you if you are chosen, and write up an article all about the blogger and their blog. I think it really brings blogs into the fold of the magazine. This is a magazine about writing and books. To us, having blogs is just an different kind of writing. It was one of the reasons why I was ready to take this on.

I love the idea of being able to showcase my fellow bloggers, of all types of blogs, each month and help bring them a boost. Whether it’s followers or confidence. It’s nice to be recognized for doing what you love.

We’ll be looking for blogs big or small. The number of followers don’t matter, but we ask that your blogs are active. We will be looking at book bloggers, lifestyle bloggers, writing bloggers, mental health bloggers, and any other kind of blogger out there. We will be choosing between blogs that we personally love as well as blogs that are sent to us to check out. Anyone is eligible.

We will not do a feature unless the blogger agrees so if you get an email and don’t respond we will have to move to another blogger, but feel free to respond even after the deadline we’ll give you so that we can consider your blog again for another month.

We are on the hunt each month so look out for an email from botm@writingcomm.com that says you’ve been chosen. Don’t want those emails getting lost in the spam folder!

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