Holy Smokes it is December

I had only two posts last month, a disappointing month for sure. A lot of things happened at the end of October, then it was November. Then it was the middle of November. Now it’s December and I don’t have much to show for November at all.

So I decided that today I’ll do a post a little of my TBR list. Nothing fancy but a few books that I recently picked up that I want to read, when I have the time. Too many books, not enough time! Let’s dive in.

So the first is The Handmaids Tale. This is a book that I’ve wanted to read for awhile now, I did watch some of the first season of the show but not all. I did pick it up, and so far…it’s been a bit dull. I attribute that to the fact that a lot of what I’ve read, I watched and that can sometimes be difficult to get into for me. So I’m not totally giving up on it yet.

The story itself is really appealing, the idea that people live like this, that in the future this is something that could happen. It’s interesting. The power, despite the women being basically brood mare’s, does lie with them. They can find strength within the hard times they are having to endure. At least that’s what I hope I read as I go. I know that is what I got from the show when I watched it and so far it seems to be following pretty accurately.

The next on my list is a book that I don’t have in my possession yet but I saw it at Barnes & Noble and I really really wanted it. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to get it yet. It’s not my usual type of book, to be honest. It’s the furthest from my usual choices but it does intrigue me enough to step out of my comfort zone. Call Me By Your Name.

I don’t like Romance novels, this isn’t quiet the same so maybe that’s why I’m willing to try it. There is also the honest fact that I haven’t seen the movie, because I know I will sob like a baby, and I want to read the book to get the full understanding of these characters. I will likely watch the movie before I’m able to get the book but it’s on my list for sure!

The next book I don’t have a picture of me holding it but I picked it up because I loved in a dark, dark wood by Ruth Ware so I thought this could be a good choice for me though it doesn’t have the best ratings on Goodreads. I try not to choose a book solely based reviews, so we’ll see if this one works for me or doesn’t.

I also picked up the Lying Game by Ruth Ware too so if this one doesn’t work I have a back up!

I have so so many other’s that I need to read so I’m just going to throw up some covers just to proof that I have way way way way too many books on my TBR.

I could have filled this post with a ton more but I’ll save that for later. Here is hoping that December is a more productive month for me! Happy Reading to all my followers!

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