Ity is rebranding her Blog (sort of) & it’s got Pink!

After a terrifying moment of insanity where I tried self hosting but picked a free service whose domain names are listed as malware for Twitter, moved my followers from this blog to that before I realized this, not knowing if that could be fixed and I was stuck with this mistake, I realized that I needed to make a change.

This is going to be a short little post. I have a post scheduled for my blog-iversary on the 3rd. Super exciting. But I wanted to throw this up to just explain a bit on these changes that have started before then.

So the easiest thing was to find a new theme, but also that is the hardest because I’m super picky but also super not able to pay for themes so I’m limited to what wordpress offers for free. I do hope that this new theme is a good one, I like it because it’s totally different than my previous one. The layout is interesting to me.

But I am then limited to the preset color palettes and pink is my favorite color. The teal color palette was just too bright for my liking but the pink had black so here we are. The theme has pink accents so it’s not overwhelming but now my logo doesn’t match. So that is the next thing on my list of things to change. If I’m lucky by the time that you read this, I’ll have updated it and I’ll go back to matching again.

Have any of you done any blog updates or changes? Let me know what you think of my changes too!

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