What happened to Opinions?

I recently came across a situation on Twitter where a booktuber had posted a tweet about an artist. The tweet was basically an observational opinion on the artists work. Stating that it seemed like the characters this artists draws all look the same and the booktuber questioned if it was just because people that hire this artist only create characters that all look the same.

Diversity in books is a subject all on it’s own but it is the root of the point this person was trying to very clearly make and it is what seemed to be the thing everyone ignored.

It wasn’t criticizing the artists work. It wasn’t saying that her work was bad or being mean. And yet everyone, even well-known Authors, were attacking this person. So that makes me wonder, what happened to opinions?

You guys know that I love to write opinion posts, especially on hard hitting topics. This seemed like something that really needed to be discussed. Before I get into it further, I won’t be name anyone specifically, if you know who I’m referring to please don’t call them out in the comments or on Twitter.

I went through the threads of tweets and I was really disappointed to see that based on the original tweet this person couldn’t state her opinion without being attacked. I know that it’s 2020 and it’s the age of cancel culture but this is just ridiculous. Maybe that is where are problems really lie. In this idea that we have to be enraged over things or that we have to tear someone down that we don’t agree with.

I hate to burst peoples bubbles but no one can agree with everyone on everything all of the time. It’s impossible. Disagreements and discussions over said disagreements are so important. Here is why, because how can we all truly form a full opinion when we won’t even hear a differing one? That’s like me telling everyone that the sky is purple and then calling anyone that tells me that it is in fact blue terrible names.

But what if I said it was purple and then listened to others tell me why it’s not? Well maybe then I could see that it’s blue! It’s not the best analogy I know but it holds true. We as people tend to judge people very quickly but if we judge and refuse to hear other viewpoints, well, then we are just assholes.

It’s easy to reply to other tweets and think you know what is going on. Or to see a famous person tweet about a subject but they are just giving their opinion on it so you just agree with them without actually doing this thing called research to see if you should agree with them. But what’s really hard is to take in information, and not just fall in line with everyone else. Just because other people took that tweet wrong doesn’t mean that it was intentionally wrong.

We are in a tumultuous time, where it’s one side or the other. That is not how the world should work. You don’t have to comment on everything that you don’t like, or agree with. You don’t have to get angry and demand that people agree with you because you feel you are right. You don’t have to speak to or engage with someone that bothers you. You also can say how you feel about something. You can not like something and tell people about it. But you have to remember that you are you and you can’t force people do believe in what you believe in just because you said so.

Freedom of Speech is paramount. It is what makes us who we are, that we can have the freedom to not like something someone does. I don’t have to like you, I don’t have to agree with you but as a human I shouldn’t treat you like garbage because of it. We are all human, we all should remember that on the other side of those screens is a person. With feelings. Who maybe just wanted to point out that there isn’t enough diversity in the characters that an artist was commissioned to draw.

That isn’t a negative against the artist. That’s a negative against authors, publishers, anyone that pushes one type of look on everyone. Not everyone needs to be white, or black or gay or straight. But the world isn’t all white, black, gay or straight. It’s full of different kinds of people. Who all have different experiences and points of view.

I don’t know about you, but I’d like to hear all of them even if I don’t agree with them.

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0 thoughts on “What happened to Opinions?

  1. Wow, Well Said, Thank Goodness Everyone is Different, that makes things more interesting..

  2. Omg this is so true! From my personal experience I’ve found Americans (those from the USA) are the worst at listening to let alone hearing or seeking out differing opinions. Obviously that doesn’t apply to every American but it’s an experience that’s made me more cautious to say what I think or feel to certain people. So silly!

    1. Agreed. I wish that was the part of the tweet more people focused on and discussed vs accusing the booktuber of bashing the artists work.

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