Holy Sh*t! It’s been a year!

Happy Blog-iversary to me! It’s really kind of crazy that it’s been a year already on this blog. There have certainly been some ups and downs. Mainly my dropping the ball with regularly posting, but I am still here and I hope that I’m still here next year too!

You know I started this with one real goal in mind. To read books more. I love books, they are wonderful and I’m so grateful that I’ve been able to read books that haven’t come out yet. I didn’t plan to do more than review books that I own or would come to own. All the things that have happened since have just been luck really. I came into this at the right time, I connected with the right people.

I never thought that this would last a year to be honest. I give up pretty easy when it comes to hobbies. It’s a horrible trait of mine that I wish I knew how to move past it with everything else in my life. The fact that I have as many blog followers as I do is amazing. The fact that I have as many twitter followers as I do is amazing. It’s all just surreal.

At this point I’d really just like to thank a few people that have really just helped me. Helped by promoting my posts or by tagging me in follow fridays on twitter.

Thank you to TheWriteReads for helping me grow and bringing more people to my blog. You do a great job for bookbloggers and your support is wonderful. I’m fortunate that you’ve let me be a part of the BBNYA. It’s a great thing to want to bring light to the smaller indie authors that don’t get the exposure they need to be successful.

Thank you to W&S Bookclub for always commenting on my posts and being so supportive. You always tag me in Follow Fridays even though I’m terrible at doing it too, you are a treasure to us all.

Thank you to Envie Magazine knowing you all was a pleasure. It’s amazing what you are doing with the magazine and I’m so proud that I got to work on it for awhile. You all help authors and bloggers with your content. I can’t wait to see how much the magazine grows in the future.

The bookblogging community is really beautiful and with all the crap we get thrown at us on a regular basis we need to stick together. We need to support each other and be positive so all that negative doesn’t weigh us down.

This is just a hobby for me, I’d love to make it more, to provide for my family doing something that I love like this. I don’t expect that I’ll get there but many one day. If I keep at it, keep posting, keep reading, keep tweeting, just keep doing I’ll get there!

One year down, many more to go!

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  1. I hear ya! Unfortunately, my 2020 has had a rough start too. The family has been passing around the cold/flu bug from H*LL! My sanity saver has definitely been reading. I absolutely love connecting with everyone through TheWriteReads gang. Isn’t it great to have people around us that understand our book love!

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