BBNYA has finally begun!

If you’ve been living under a rock maybe you haven’t heard but Book Blogger Novel of the Year Awards are starting this year and I’m so excited. There is so many exciting new developments and I’m just going to get right into it!

BBNYA is a new book award that is meant to help authors who are self published or published by an independent press get their book out there. And it’s all hosted and judged by book bloggers from all over the world! I’m so lucky that I get to be on the panel of judges and I can’t wait to read the books that authors enter into the contest.

These are the awards and they are pretty damn good in my opinion. Even if you don’t get first place your book has the potential to get a lot of attention!

Information was taken from the official website*

Author prizes

1st place

  • A yet to be revealed BBNYA 2020 trophy.
  • An ‘Ultimate Blog Tour’ from TheWriteReads.
  • A ‘Winner‘ BBNYA 2020 badge designed by Jenniely.
  • A 100 pound sterling Folio Society voucher.
  • A 100 euros cash prize.

2nd to 5th place

6th to 10th place

There is going to be a full list of all the bloggers on the official site but there is over 100 of us who will be reading your book! We all have such a love of books and also of helping small authors become noticed. But here are some cool posts that other panelists have done all about BBNYA!

Becky is doing panelist interviews to help get the word out about BBNYA and also give some love to our book blogger panelists. Check out the first interview with Jess here. There will be more panelist interviews to come so make sure you follow Becky so you don’t miss out!!

Jenniely made our panelist badges and the official BBNYA logo! She’s an amazing artist and designer. You can check out the reveal post here. She’s super creative and it’s really awesome to see what she comes up with! Make sure you follow her as well!

Author sign-ups are officially opened! You can find the sign up page here. You have until May 10th to sign up. You’ll find all you need to know on the page linked above. I’d love to see some of the indie authors that I’ve reviewed before sign up and take part of these amazing awards.

If you aren’t an author but you just want to follow the awards or the panelists here are some social media links that you can check out as we progress through the year.

Instagram | Twitter | Facebook | Email

I can’t wait to read all the author entries and dive into the best part of the awards, reading all the awesome books!

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  1. Wow this sound like fun I look forward to seeing what books you get to read and review.

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