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So I’ve been thinking of a way to maximize my posting content and also give some clear reviews that help readers decided if a book is right for them. Book Reviews are always tough because some people want spoilers and some don’t. Sometimes spoiler reviews are necessary because of the material that you feel you need to give more context to really show why you like it or dislike it.

So with that I’ve decided to start a new review system for the blog. I introduced star ratings a while back and those will remain in place however the reviews themselves will be done a little differently.


As most of us know blog tours are a big thing and while reviews within those are great they aren’t meant to be spoiler reviews. They need to be broad enough to show the good parts of the book but you can’t really always give a great review if you can’t explain in more detail with some spoiler context. So, I thought that a great way to do my reviews would be to do two different ones for each book. While that sounds kind of silly and maybe even redundant. I think it will actually satisfy two different types of review readers.

Changes are always hard to implement even if they are a good idea so while I will be working towards this as a goal it may take a bit. I do have reviews to do and more books to read. Let me know if you’d enjoy a spoiler filled review of a book I’ve already reviewed without spoilers.

For Reader One:

The first review I’ll post, like with a blog tour, will be a general review. A review that says the least about the plot while also relaying how I felt about the book. Most of my reviews stick to a simple format. I talk about whether I generally liked the plot, the characters, the pacing and things like that. I don’t give specifics beyond that. Sometimes I’ll say that this or that didn’t work but it isn’t anything detailed about the book itself.

I like these reviews because they are quick and easy. They tell you exactly what you need to know but don’t ruin anything for anyone that doesn’t want those kinds of details. I think the only downside is that there isn’t a lot of details in these kinds of reviews, at least not that I feel I would put in, but I could just be doing them wrong.

For Reader Two:

The second review, which would not always be the next immediate post, will be the spoiler filled one. I will link to the first review just in case and give a large warning at the start but that review I will be able to talk about plot points I liked or didn’t like. Characters I liked or didn’t like and what they did to cause that feeling.

I will talk about whether a twist worked or failed and why. It will never be a review that I expect a lot of views on but I like the idea of having a deeper review and break down available to those that may be interested. With this, my spoiler free reviews will obviously be the ones that I post on Amazon or Goodreads and on Goodreads I will link to my spoiler filled review when it’s available.

Is it a good idea?

I don’t know. I think it will make for more interesting content overall and hopefully it will be something that you will appreciate, but if you hate it or think it’s a terrible idea please feel free to let me know in the comments below.

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  1. It’s not a bad idea at all! I always wish I could really discuss a book without spoiling it. Sometimes I put in spoiler alerts if I feel something ready needs discussing.

  2. I’m with you- I always struggle to toe the line between revealing too much and not enough. I usually land with ‘not enough’.. which might be why reviews are my least favorite things to post ? I like your system!

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