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I haven’t done one of these in a while but given the times that we are in I thought that it would be fun to share something that I decided to work on. It’s nothing special really and I don’t know that I will finish it but it’s been kind of cathartic to work on. It is of course a story about Zombies, what if the Coronavirus mutated into the actual end of the world.

So before I get into it I just want to let everyone know that I’ll be adding in some snippets from the writing which will have some bad language. I understand that the idea of an Apocolypse in these trying times can be a bit upsetting so consider this your Trigger warning.

I live in a ridiculously small town. We love it here, everyone knows everyone. There is one middle/high school and one elementary school. One post office, only a couple of gas stations, one small grocery store and lots of houses. It’s idyllic really and I love it. My kid will have a nice education here and it’s quiet. So of course when shit starts going crazy my brain is like wouldn’t this be an interesting backdrop to a zombie story.

Hell ya it would! And here we are. I think if I do finish it that it will be a Novella sized story. Or even Novelette sized. The main character is based off of me and my family but obviously it’s not me because I’m a wimp. I would likely be the first to go while my husband and daughter will live on to make a community or something.

But the beauty of this is that it helps me write in first person so that I can kind of be in that headspace. The story starts well after things went to hell. She is alone because her family turned and she had to be the one to stop them. Grief is her main emotion and everything else is numb. She encounters another person who turns out to be another woman that got separated from her friends.

There meeting needs some work for sure. This is not something I can say I’m 100% good at but I’d love to know what you all think of the start and any suggestions would be amazing. So here is a little of the beginning and then a little of where I’ve left it at this point.

In the End

Memories are funny things aren’t they? They hit you whether you want them to or not. I’m standing outside our home, the one that we shared together all the way to the end, and I’m struck by all these memories of him, of her, of us. It was the small town life that we’d been looking for when we moved here. Our house rests on the corner of a small neighborhood with a large porch on the front, it’s green fake shutters stood out against the yellow siding, a surprisingly nice combination. It had two floors and plenty of space. The windows are boarded up now, the yellow siding dirty with blood. It’s a place of death that I have to leave behind. Alone. They’re gone. Life is different now, it has been for a while. 

Maybe if everyone had listened, maybe if they had done the right thing. If they just stayed inside, quarantined themselves. Maybe it would have been different, I wish I knew. He would know, he always knew without even knowing. He was the smart one. In a matter of months the virus was everywhere. It spread through the United States in weeks. Travel was cut off, businesses closed, people were told to stay home to help stop the spread. What we didn’t realize was that this wasn’t just a flu. This was something else. The first report of the dead coming back to life came just when we thought it was over. Being prepared is easy to talk about with your friends as you laugh about how you can’t get sick. When it all goes down though, that’s when everyone realized that we don’t know what the fuck we are doing at times like this. 

We were in denial that it wouldn’t come our way, we weren’t stupid or naive but we had hoped that our small town would protect us. It didn’t. At least we were smart and purchased what we needed to protect ourselves before we couldn’t anymore. Our gun is strapped to my thigh now. I touch it, blinking away the tears, thinking of him. I look up and cover my eyes with my hand. The sun is high in the sky. Good. I have time. It’s never safe to be outside but I have to find a new place. 

We knock as loudly as we can but there isn’t any sounds. She tries the front, I try the back. It’s locked for me, breaking it down would be pointless but as I go around I see her stooped in front of the doorknob, picking the lock. 

“You were a thief before weren’t you?” I joke. She grins as she turns the knob and opens the door. 

“I can neither confirm nor deny that statement,” she winks. “To be honest, I haven’t seen a lot of them here, I had hoped that I could stay for awhile here but with the supplies being gone I’m not sure that’s going to work out. Plus now I know you.”

I turn my head and see a large group of undead. Zombies is a name that seems fake even now. Even as I watch them stumble and scrap along. “We need to get inside now.” I push her into the house and close the door. I lock it though I’m not sure that matters. Can they turn door knobs?

“What..” she starts but looks out the window to see them. “Fuck.” She looks scared. Has she been out here long? Was she protected all this time by others? We are going to die. 

“The windows aren’t boarded. No one lived here yet. We need to get upstairs for now,” I point to the stairs along the back of the room. The sound of a window crashing is to my left. I look and see that they’ve surrounded us. “What’s your name?” I ask finally. She looks at me but isn’t really looking at me. This isn’t good. 

“Erica,” she mutters. 

“Nice to meet you, I’m Adrianne. Just take my hand okay?” I grasp her hand and pull her along up the stairs. The sound of them is everywhere, the walls aren’t thick enough to block it out. There is three rooms upstairs, thankfully there are no surprises up here, but there is furniture that we can use to block the stairs. 

“How are you so calm? How..”

“Well Erica, I had to shoot my husband and child in the head because they turned into those things so I’m pretty much dead inside. I’d rather not actually be dead though so let’s move the bed out of this room so that we can block the stair way okay?” I bite. It’s not fair. She doesn’t deserve it but her eyes harden and she nods. Apparently blunt is her preferred language. I’ll remember that. 

“I don’t think they are inside yet,” she says as we pull the bed piece by piece out of the room. We prop it up against the walls on each side of the stairway. We need something to keep from pushing it over. 

“Good, let’s grab that dresser to butt up against the bed,” I say as we start pushing and pulling the blasted thing out. It gets stuck and we have to tilt and turn it to get it out. I’m sweating and I just want to rest. I want to go to sleep and wake up to all this being a nightmare. We get the dresser in place and fall to the floor with heavy sighs. 

“I’m sorry I froze before,” she breathes out. 

“You haven’t had to do this without your friends before have you?”

“No..I mean I’ve killed them sure, that I can handle but I’m not a thinker like that. My brother was the one that did the strategizing. I just followed along. But you have given us some time. I mean we can’t stay here, where did they come from?” she lived herself up on her elbows to look at me. 

“I’m guessing your shots from before and my falling into the bleachers got their attention. Sound drives them for a little bit I think but then they can smell us and that takes over. At least that’s how it’s seemed. My husband was the smart one. I just hope this is what he would have done given the situation,” I sigh, my voice breaking a little mentioning him.

That’s it. So there is a good bit missing from the middle but I’m sure that you can get a little of the gist. I’m just under 2k in words right now so this will probably me most of the 1st chapter. I’d love love some thoughts or opinions, my grammar is probably terrible and I’m sure that I will need a good pass to make sure it’s consistent tense wise but what do you think?

I’ve got a book blitz coming up and then I’ll be working on my spoiler review of Dead Meat: Day 1. It’s a zombie themed week guys so get ready!

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