Holy smokes guys! The end of March is here and I feel like I’m back on track with my blog. I’m so happy to be here a year later and still enjoying the overall process. So for this wrap up I’m going to do something a little different. I’m going to list my reviews with links to them just in case you guys missed one as well as my usual ramble of how the month went.

And since I’ve been doing self isolation for the last two weeks, working from home, I’m sure that I will have some ca-razy rambles to share! I hope you stick around and keep reading!!

What kinda crazy month has this been? Seriously. It started off pretty normal, was my one year anni. so I did a little post about that. Things on the blog got rough around September until January and Feburary where I really tried to get back into things until this month when I felt like I was back on track. I had blog tours, I had posts scheduled, I had ideas. Then of course things went to freaking hell around here.

I’m not going to say much on Covid-19 but what I will say is that we need to be smart, we need to be considerate and we need to thing more about others than ourselves. I think the thing that bothers me the most is the idea that being told to avoid others and just stay inside is some attack on their freedom when it’s just an attempt to prevent this pandemic from killing more people than it already would.

I understand that not everyone has the luxury to stay home, not ever job can be done from home nor does everyone have a boss that would be willing to make such efforts. I’m extremely lucky that I have a job that can be done from home and the company I work for made sure that we all went home to work. However I think that this needs to be the spring board for changing policies. There would be a lot more healthy people if they’d be allowed to stay home when they are sick. I’m just talking about colds and flus in general not specifically Covid-19. Spreading an illness is super easy when people can’t stay home because they don’t have sick pay. It’s disgusting that we don’t have more regulations and policies in place to protect people and allow them the chance to get better while also getting paid sick time.

I’m going to finish this little rant to say that staying home isn’t about YOU, it’s about you giving this to your grandmother, your neighbors, random people you encountered because you couldn’t be bothered with caring about anyone but yourself. And just remember that when you do get sick, it was because you just had to go to that party, or that crowded beach. Be safe everyone! Seriously. I hope that this ends soon and that we can all go back to our lives but until then, I’ll be inside my house protecting myself and my family.

Okay now that that’s done. Let’s see all the reviews that I did this month! This includes book tours as well as any ARC I received. I realized that I haven’t been stating in my reviews if I got a review copy so I will be trying to go through and update my posts to properly reflect that. If you come across a review without it, please let me know so that I can make sure to fix it.


I don’t usually review only one authors books in a whole month. That’s actually shocking because I thought I reviewed other things this month. Well next month there will be a lot of different books and authors that I’ll be reviewing. I have a couple of blog tours that I’m looking forward to so that will be good. Not that Nick doesn’t deserve it though!

Other Posts:

  • A post that I was really happy with was actually the first post of the month about opinions. If you didn’t get to read it please do because I’d love to know what others think, you can find that post here.
  • I posted about BBNYA which I’m so excited to be a part of, if you are a self pub or indi pub author I do hope that you read that post here, and consider signing up for the awards!
  • I started a new review system where I post a non-spoiler review, my usual kind, and then later post a spoiler review of the same book. I got into detail about it here. I did it this month for Dead Meat: Day 1. I won’t be doing this for book tour books but other books that are given to me by authors or that I get off of Netgalley or Book Sirens or something.
  • I had a guest post from who else but Nick Clausen. I shall dub this March, 2020 as Nick Clausen month on my blog because good grief! If you want to read it you can find that post here. He’s got a new book coming out and I’m so here for it!!
  • Then I did a Writing Wednesday which I haven’t done in ages on a zombie story that I came up with about ‘what if covid-19 made zombies’ because I needed to get it out of my head. If you want to read about that, you can find that here, but it’s okay if you don’t. I know the idea of zombies in a time like this could be a bit much for people.
  • And last but not least I did a book blitz post on another book about zombies. Perfect month for it for a lot of people and if you want to check that out, you will find it here, it’s Kill or Cure by Pixie Britton and today is the last day that it’s free so get it today!

So that was it, that was my March. Full of self isolation, Covid-19 paranoia and zombie stories. Oh and Nick Clausen. I hope that you are all safe and healthy. Thank you to everyone that has followed my blog, it means so much to me! I’ll see you next month where hopefully things start getting better for all of us around the world!

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