How are you coping? – Living in a Pandemic

I think all of us can understand how difficult the last month really has been for all of us. I can’t say that I’d ever experienced something like this before but I feel like we are all dealing with all of this differently but also the same. So I thought I’d go over how it’s been difficult for me and some good things that I’m trying to find in these crazy times.

I don’t like working from home. It’s just not my favorite thing, I’m so lucky that I have that opportunity. The company I work for had to furlough some of the staff and I’m blessed that I wasn’t one of those people but working from home is just living in a chaos that I don’t enjoy. I think one thing that is going to be hardest is, when everything does go back to normal, how am I going to wake up on time and put on clothes like a normal adult?

Having to spend all of my days around my family isn’t as fun as you’d think. I love my husband and my children but the benefit of going to work is to be able to be surrounded by other people, to converse with adults that you aren’t married to. Now all I see is him and my kids. They are my co-workers and frankly they aren’t that fun. I do love them though. I swear.

I’m getting tired of politics. I don’t want to keep seeing the political garbage anymore. I don’t want to see everyone getting pissy and demanding America opens right now. I don’t want to see all the conspiracy theories about how it started, who did this, who did that. I’m just so tired of all the bullshit that doesn’t actually matter right now. Begin rant now..

People are dying, and others focus is on wanting to be able to leave their house to go do shit that they don’t need to even do. It’s not like you can’t go to the store right now, or take a walk. We aren’t being locked inside our homes. So you can’t go to the movies, or have a party, or go to the mall? So what? I mean just don’t get it. Maybe I never will because for me I don’t see a point in being able to do any of those things. Those things don’t matter.

Life shouldn’t be about any of those things, they should be about protecting others, about staying healthy, even about spending time with your family especially when you couldn’t before because you were always away from home.

Our rights haven’t been taken from us. We are still free to do things and go places, maybe with extra caution and care, but we can still go out. No it isn’t to super fun places but seriously let’s focus on the point of all of this. It isn’t to shove us inside and take over the world. It’s to try and keep more of us healthy and prevent others from getting sick or dying.

Now that that rant is over. Let’s talk about things that I’d like to do with the extra free time….

  • I want to actually learn french. I mean can it just happen already? I’ve been trying since I was in high school and seriously I just can’t get anywhere. All this time and nope.
  • I want to read more books, but it’s like my brain is revolting on the idea and I’m having to make myself for tours. Seriously though. I have so many books! Like get it together!
  • I want to post more. April I had 3 posts. 3. That’s just so bad for me and so sad to me.

How are you all doing? Have you all been doing okay? I wish that I could join in on all the spreading the love with wishlist and such but if you need someone to talk with or need a betareader or someone to read what you have to help? Let me know. That’s the only way I can help now so please comment below or send me a message. Stay safe everyone.

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4 thoughts on “How are you coping? – Living in a Pandemic

  1. Well-written post. I totally agree with you, people who go out unnecessarily drive me crazy. It’s like our governments are trying to protect them but they really don’t care, so selfish of them to be honest.
    Anyway, I highly encourage you to read since you’re thinking about it. It has helped me a lot during this time and now it is my favourite thing to do 🙂

  2. Yes I agree well written. I’ve had to stop watching the news and only look at what I want to look at regarding this terrible virus. As I find it stresses me out.
    I’ve found it very hard to settle down and read while this has been going. I’ve found that most days I have to go in to my craft room and make cards it’s my happy place.
    With the weather being so good more children have been playing out on our street I have a park at the side of my house which people were avoiding but now they seem to be letting their children out. They will be the first to complain if their children end up with it.
    Take care of yourself and stay safe xx

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