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I was asked to be a part of a tag called Save the Bookstores. Unfortunately I didn’t get a lot of responses from other stores in my area so I decided that while I don’t feel that I can properly participate in the tag that I was going to do a feature post for the one store that did get back to me.

Stomping Grounds in Geneva NY. Bethany is the owner and she got back to me right away. I hope that you enjoy the little bit of information on the store and that if you can that you support them. New York is starting to open back up soon but every little bit helps.

Stomping Grounds is a boutique retail shop offering an eclectic mix of new and used books, greeting cards and stationery, quirky gifts, fine art printing, and custom picture framing. Many of the products in our store are geared toward folks who love reading and writing. We also love products with a cheeky sense of humor or a message of encouragement. Overall the shop has a curated selection of unusual, vintage inspired items meant to delight and inspire our customers.

Currently we have about 4,500 books for sale on our shelves. Many of our new books, greeting cards, gift items, and fine art prints are available for order on our Website. From our website folks can follow a link to our Etsy page where we list our used and rare books for sale. We are also active on Instagram and on Facebook.

We have been in business as Stomping Grounds for 10 years, although I have worked professionally as a used and rare book dealer since 1995. We love being part of the vibrant history and culture of the Finger Lakes Region and Upstate New York, which is why the store is named, “Stomping Grounds.”

Make sure that when the store opens back up and you live in this area that you go and check this place out. The owner was super nice and wrote the information that you read above about the store. I haven’t been but I hope that in the future I will get to go there myself.

Thank you to Tabitha at Behind The Pages who started this all. I hope that this tag goes far and that everyone that participated was able to help a book store! If you want to participate in this tag, just reach out to your local bookstores and offer to feature them on your blog!

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