You all know how much that I love book covers. If there is one thing that will make me buy a book it’s the cover so I thought that I would look up some covers that I really love. Either from books that I was able to get my hands on to books that are on my TBR list.

There are just so many covers that I love so this will only be just a portion. I may do this again with other books but we’ll see. Let’s just dive right in.

This cover. Is just. So good. I loved this book as well and it’s so cool when I see covers like this. Everything about it is uber creepy and everything about it makes me want to read it again.

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One of my most favorite horror novels that I’ve read and this covers is spooky as hell. With the house and the tree. In Grayscale. It’s perfect.

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One of the most interesting real life crimes is Jack the Ripper and this book is such an imaginative retelling of that. The cover is a perfect representation as well.

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THIS COVER! I randomly saw this cover on Twitter and I just fell in love with it. It’s so amazing and creative. I want to read this book so bad!

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I was scrolling through goodreads when I found this book and stopped based on the cover. The cover changed and damn.. Look at this. It’s so gooooood and inventive that I can’t stop looking at it.

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I think that is it for now. Let me know if you’d like to see more books with book covers that I just loved. I hope that you enjoyed this. I’ve placed links to purchase all of the books, they are affiliate links so consider using them when purchasing these books to help support the blog.

If you have a book cover that you’d love, please let me know in the comments. I’d love to check it out and probably add it to my goodreads list for the future.

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