What’s on my bookshelves? – Bookshelf Showoff

So I decided that since we got new bookshelves for all our books that I would do a little bookshelf showoff, shelf by shelf. Some of these books are my husbands and he owned previously and there are some books that I would say are “controversial” but once we get to the shelves with those books are I will explain the reason why we have them and why we won’t be getting rid of them.

I feel like showing my shelf is a fun way to show a bit about myself. I’ll give some details about each shelf but maybe not every single book. Either way let’s get into it!

I have my books alphabetical by author’s last name but we have a bottom shelf full of our large hardcover books so let’s start at the top with the first bookshelf.

Bookshelf 1

  • We are starting this shelf off strong with Ghoster by Jason Arnopp. I learned about this book through Twitter. I haven’t read it yet but it looked too good to pass up. 
  • A lot of YA on this shelf, from Morganville Vampire series to the first Hunger Games. 
  • There are some classic’s though. Exorcist and Alice in wonderland.
  • Read any of these books? Which did you like best?

  • Gone girl can be seen behind the lamp. Never finished that book, wasn’t one that I could fully get into. 
  • Tana French is on here, I read the first In The Woods and it was really good, I had to grab the sequel but I haven’t read it yet. 
  • Caraval! Everyone loves this book. I’ve started it a few times but not finished. 
  • What’s your favorite on this shelf?

  • My all time favorite book series, The Hollows by Kim Harrison resides on this shelf. It’s so pretty. 
  • Does anyone remember the imprint Luna? They had the best YA books omg. I got so many of them. These two on the end, Silver’s Edge and Silver’s Bane were excellent books. I really should read them again. 
  • As you can see we use the shelves for more than books too *wink wink*

  • Ahhh You and Hidden Bodies. Still haven’t finished Hidden Bodies. No good reason, I’ve watched Season Two of You on Netflix so I really need to do another book to screen comparison like I did with the book You and the first season cause whoo boy there are changes. 
  • The start of my husbands collection of Stephen King books. And a tissue box. Great stuff here right?
  • Fun fact the red book that has the pretty designs on it is a book of poems I wrote. Really crappy stuff. Maybe I’ll post some one day…

Bookshelf 2

  • Stephen King as far as the eye can see. The Dark Tower series is his favorite and in case anyone asks. Yes he read IT, not he didn’t like ‘that’ scene. 
  • We have a book that I had in a post, the dead house is great!
  • And thrift store find that I haven’t read yet…-sigh- 

  • Lovely candle that I received when I did the blog tour for Buried in my Past directly from the author. Smells amazing too and look there is the book. 
  • I did buy the Vampire Academy and then some more, read the first and liked it but never read any others. How bad is the movie? I haven’t seen it. 
  • And White is for Witching, a thrift store find that looked really good. I plan to read that as soon as I can. 
  • My husband likes Chuck Palahniuk books. I’ve never read any, found some more at the thrift store. Still haven’t read any. 

  • The Eragon series was really good though I never got the final book. 
  • My second favorite series, The Last Vampire, which apparently also ended up having more books that I never new about!
  • I have only read the first book in the Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children. I loved it, and bought more but didn’t read them. I’m sure you can sense a theme here. 
  • More thrift store finds are mixed in that one day I will hopefully read. 

  • The Asylum series is really good, I enjoy those books so much. 
  • We have a mix of books on this shelf, the picture came out more blurry than I had planned so you might not be able to see the one book that I mentioned in the beginning of the post. 
  • If you see it, then you’ll understand this. My husband had bought that book years ago. When I asked him why he’d buy he said that in order for him to fully argue against something he needed to read it. He’s a man that likes to be as informed as possible before he forms any opinions and he doesn’t want to get rid of it for that reason. I haven’t opened it myself and don’t really care to. 
  • Some Tolkien that my husband will never read but somehow needed to own. He’s funny like that. 
  • Got me some Ruth Ware. I really loved In a dark, dark wood. In fact it was one of the first books that I reviewed on my blog. 

  • Finally the larger books and or the large hardcovers. 
  • Some graphic novels, including two prequel stories for The Hollows as well as my little insider book cause I love that world. 
  • More Stephen King. 
  • Some HP Lovecraft that I’ve never opened but was a gift to me. 
  • Two Wicca books, because I’ve always had this strong desire to commit (dedicate) myself to Wicca but I’m scared that I’ll start and either give up or fail. 
  • A book about the Witch trials that I got at a thrift store and for some reason thought that I needed. 

So what did you think? Are there any books that you’d like to see reviews on? Any that you’ve read yourselves? I didn’t touch on every single book but ones that stood out. 

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