July is flying by and I’m trying to read books that I can review but life is just making it difficult. I’m also working on starting a blog tour company as well so that’s been occupying my time but I thought that I’d post some more horror covers that I love. A small twist to this is that I’m going to be looking through Goodreads and google to find these so maybe I’ll find some wonderful covers for the first time!

So first up we have The Shadows by Alex North. I’ve seen this all over Twitter and the cover is amazing. I love that the shadows of the four people create the skeletal hand. With a cover like this you get an idea of what kind of book it is without telling you  much of anything and it’s the main reason why I’ve wanted to read this for awhile now. 

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I have requested this one on Netgalley twice because I’ve wanted to read this so badly! This cover is amazing. AMAZING! There is so much about it that really draws you in and makes you want to pick it up. 

It’s a prime example of why covers are so important and I’m looking forward to getting a copy of this one!

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This is a book that I have not heard of but found it through google. It’s a very simple cover but it still draws you in and makes you look twice at it. I also have noticed that horror books with tree branches are usually pretty good. 

It’s a cover that makes you stare at it, the fact that it’s a woman outlined certainly leaves me curious. 

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Everyone has been talking about this book and it’s pretty clear why. There is a lot of love for this but what I’m about is this cover. I love that it’s looks like a painting but has this realism look to it as well. 

It’s certainly on my list of must reads and it’s so lovely to see all the praise that it’s getting. 

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So there is some more horror covers that I really love and wanted to share with you all. I’d love to know some more great covers that maybe I’ve not seen yet so please share your favorites. 

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