Novel Update – Writing Wednesday

It’s been forever since I did a Writing Wednesday post so I thought that there’s no better time than now. I’ve been working on this horror novel for years and last year I finished the first draft which is pretty amazing for me because I’ve never done that before. So I thought that today I’d talk about where I’m at with the novel.

Whispering Pines is my baby. It’s a ghost story that I really put my heart into and I just want to make it a great story to read. I had finished the first draft and then obsessed over making it bigger, that I needed it to be 70k words to be a horror novel and when you put that much pressure especially when the first draft was only 30k it made me take a step back.

I realized that I could be okay with Novella length if in the end the story was cohesive and it was well written. Then I realized that it never needed to be 70k in words to be a good horror novel. So I went at it differently. Now my plan is pretty simple. I’m going to go through each chapter, make sure those chapters are edited and that they all make sense. Whatever word count it is at the end is whatever word count it is. I can’t stress about that if I want to get anywhere.

Once I feel like it’s done and I’ve edited it as much as I could, I do plan to submit it wherever has open submissions when I’m done. I don’t know if it’s good enough to sell, but I know that it means so much to me to get to this point that I have to see it through or I’ll just regret it.

Previously I posted the first chapter and I can say that it’s changed somewhat since then. I won’t be posting any more because I don’t want to give the good bits away.

With that said, if anyone would be interested in Beta Reading this, please let me know! You can email me through the website or find me on Twitter. And as dumb as this is going to sound, I won’t be able to pay anyone to Beta Read, though I wish that I could I just don’t have the personal funds to make that happen.

Thank you for joining me on Writing Wednesday! Comments always welcome!!

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