The Four Before Me by E. H. Night – A Review

A while ago I was a part of a newsletter that is now an e-magazine run by a great group of people. I reviewed some books for that newsletter but never posted them to my blog so I thought that it was time to bring another review from that time to the blog. I received this book in exchange for an honest review. I really enjoyed this one and I do hope that others will give this one a shot!

The Four Before Me
Published: 7/11/19
Genre: Thriller

It’s 1988, and four women have gone missing from a small town. When one of the bodies is discovered in a shallow grave by the lake, Alice Foster goes to dangerous lengths to find out who is responsible. After all, she’s next on his list.

In search of closure after her grandmother’s mysterious death, Alice moves to Wintersburg, completely unaware of the missing women. While shopping at the local grocery store, she sees a Missing Person’s poster on a bulletin board. She examines the photographs and names of the four women listed, but one thing in particular stands out — they all look eerily similar to each other, and to her.

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The Four Before Me is a thriller that takes you on a wild ride. I loved the characters, I loved how the author unfolded this mystery so perfectly. The supporting characters are well thought out and I enjoyed reading them. Alice was a special character, despite things that she saw or experiences over the course of the book she keeps going. As I read I kept making guesses on who I wanted the bad guy to be, who I didn’t want the bad guy to be. I actually was a bit ticked when I thought that it was one of the characters because he was such an obvious choice.

While some monsters are born, others are created. But, the worst monsters are those who believe themselves to be heroes.

E. H. Night, The Four Before Me

Like any good thriller though, the reveal is the biggest payoff of all. I can say that who ends up being the ‘bad guy’ isn’t who you expect. They weren’t even on my radar of possibilities. That is how well this twist hit me. But it doesn’t end there, the hits just kept on coming. The pacing is perfect, things are revealed but done just at the right time. I didn’t feel like it took too long or that it was too fast. There was a little bit of romance, there was a lot of tears. Bottom line it’s a must read.

Read this book. I beg you. It’s a book that you have to pay attention, but it will be so worth it. If you enjoy a mystery, a thriller and a dash of suspense this is the book for you!

Another review, I hope you enjoyed it! Let me know if you’ve read this one and if not please consider using my affiliate link to purchase this book! No extra cost to you but it helps support the blog. Thank you!

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