Writing Wednesday – Short Story Edition

It’s been ages since I’ve been able to post! I missed you all, finally I’m back though and today I thought I’d do another lovely Writing Wednesday post. So while my chromebook was broken I was able to work on a short story because I had this idea in my head and I felt like I should give it a try.

I’ve never written a short story. I wish I hadn’t waited so long because frankly it was a lot of fun to write something short without having to worry so much. I felt like I was able to really work on my skill with it and it was a really fun story to come up with.

I won’t be posting the short story, in full on my blog, but I will give a little taste of it. I want to try and submit it for publication elsewhere but I will say that it’s a ghostly tale that while it’s not all that original I feel that it has it’s own twist that sets it apart from other stories.

I finished this in one night and it gave me great pleasure in writing it. So much so that I’ve decided that some of my other ideas that I haven’t gotten anywhere could be more short stories for me to write.

There is a few that I think could work for this. Firstly I think the zombie story that I started when the pandemic was just beginning could be formatted well for a short story. Secondly I have an idea for a little vampire tale that I think could work really well too. I’m really excited to see what I can do with this kind of format for writing.

I have a feeling that this would be good at honing my skills. Working on my descriptions, which I’m terrible at writing. Working on just the structure of things. I found that with this short story I was able to write lines that I loved so much and I haven’t gotten that in a long time.


The cemetery stood, with large iron gates on my left as I walked by. It was the largest cemetery in town but its stone walls prevented anyone from entering. Everyday I passed the large property that held the dead. Sometimes I would lift my hand up, cross my fingers and hold my breath the whole way passed. Just like I used to do when I was a child. That way the ghost can’t get you, my mother would tell me. 

Once I saw her though that all changed. Instead I would stop by the gate and observe her. She looked tall from a distance with dark hair that looked like it had been braided before it was pinned around her head like a crown. She always wore a long white dress that sort of glowed from where I stood. She was ethereal and magical. I would grasp one of the bars and stare at her. I knew that it probably wasn’t the right thing to do but I couldn’t help it. 

Some days I would see her sobbing as she walked the paths between graves. Her head down, her face covered by her hands. She was so loud that I was sure others would stop to see what was happening but they never did. Other days she would walk with her back straight, her head held high and her hands clasped behind her. She was always walking, looking off in a distance. 

I wondered what brought her there. Was it a spouse? Was it her mother? Maybe a child? My mind always left running through options. Where did she live? Did she walk there every morning just to walk around inside? It left me wanting.

Whenever her head turned towards me I would push away from the gate hurrying along. Work wasn’t that far, in fact the window nearest my desk overlooked the green grass of the cemetery. I couldn’t see her from the window but I always looked. Every so often. She invaded my dreams as I continued to wonder about her. I pictured us talking about our lives together over coffee. I would tell her about my family, how they aren’t around much these days. She would tell me about her life and who was or wasn’t in it. We would sit close sometimes she’d take my hand. Other times I would take hers. 

“Eve, are you even listening?”

I hope that this is the start of some really fun stories that I can bring to life. I’m so happy that I’m back to posting on my blog! I hope to have more posts coming to catch up on all that I missed. Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed today’s post.

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