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Hello to all! This is a little bit of a different post. I wanted to show some love for a book server that I’m a part of. My friends Emmie and Candy run it and it’s honestly a really lovely place to be. I just was promoted to Mod there and I really just wanted to take this time to tell my followers about it!

This place has really brought me out of my comfort zone when it comes to meeting new people and helped me be more active in the book community as a whole!

The Book Cryptids is basically a chill place to talk about books. The staff wanted a place where we could talk about books with our fellow book lovers. We are LGBT+ friendly! We are 17/18+ so please be sure you are of age!

If you love books, of all kinds, and want a place to share that love with other people? This is the place. We do readathons, readalongs, buddy reads and more. Everyone is super friendly and share a love of books and all things bookish.

I have never been good at being on a server, but these people are just fun and friendly. It’s not a huge server, like some others, but sometimes tight knit groups are way better and while we are small we do want to grow into a flourishing server that everyone can enjoy.

There are channels for just about everything to talk about, everyone is sorted in a fun way – your fave cryptid/belief + fancy name color, like Mothman, Kraken or Bigfoot and we have members that share love in many different genres there is sure to be something for everyone.

I’d love to see more fun members to bring more book recs and showing off their book hauls or blog posts with us all so head over to discord and join us!

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