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This is about The Lazy Reviewer, who can’t be bothered to review a book past its ability to be relatable. Twitter is always full of drama especially in the book community. The one that sticks out among the others is that if a person reads a book, especially one by an AOC, and they can not relate to the characters than the book is bad. They then rate it low because of this fact. I feel that that is a cop out of a response so I assert that Reviews should be based are more than the relatibilty (is that even a word) of the characters to us as reviewers.

A review should have various factors that are all a part of the process. Not everyone subscribes to the star system but the idea is the same. If the only thing that you didn’t like was that you couldn’t ‘relate’ to the characters but the writing was good and the story over all was interesting then you are doing a disservice by reviewing a book low. Because reviews are for readers, to help them decide if they should read a book or not.

When I read a book, regardless of who the characters are, it’s not all about relating to them. I read horror and fantasy. Can’t say that I’d ever be able to ‘relate’ to an elf, or a vampire. I ask myself questions about the plot, the writing, the character development, the pacing, did it hold my interest or was it boring.

I understand that sometimes people review books and either they liked them or they didn’t but if you are reviewing a book especially on Amazon or Goodreads where readers are likely to use that review to decide on purchasing then it’s important to be honest about what you didn’t like about the book but also to look at all aspects of the book itself.

This is the livelihood of a lot of people, to rate a book one star because you are white and don’t know what it’s like being black is frankly bullshit. That logic can apply to any race as well. You can at least put in more effort than that. If the book isn’t written well, if the story just falls flat that’s of course different but a review shouldn’t be solely about your feelings. It should also have some technical aspects to it.

We as book bloggers have to take what we do with a modicum of seriousness. We may not be paid for our services but we are providing a service. With it needs to come honesty and professionalism. We shouldn’t be a lazy reviewer. That person isn’t in it for the joy of reviewing books and reading but to get free books and then complain when they aren’t what they wanted.

You can hate a book but appreciate that it wasn’t for you, especially if it was well written and despite that let there be a chance that others can still want to read it by not completely shitting on it because you couldn’t ‘relate’ to the main characters. It’s not that hard. AOC have such a difficult time having their voices heard, appreciated and spread around. They are still people that love books and writing. They deserve a fair chance at that, give it to them.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you agree or disagree? Did I miss any points? Do you know anyone that’s a lazy reviewer? Please comment below!

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