Why Your Local Library is Important & How You Can Support it! – My Ity Opinion

The shelves lined with books, that you just want to get your hands on, aren’t all at the book store. I love books, I always have and I doubt that will change at any point in the future but I don’t always have the ability to buy books and I don’t always get the chance to receive books to review so what is another way to get books? For free?

I know it may seem an odd choice, and I think that some people have looked down on the use of it in the past because of the idea that someone couldn’t afford books so they had to go another route to be able to read. What is it? I think you know..

The Library! It’s only a small building but it houses hundreds, if not more, of books inside it and with the added luxury of having apps like OverDrive where you have access to audiobooks and ebooks that you can send to your kindle! That in and of itself was enough to make me want to actually get a library card.

It’s a resource that every school and town should have so that everyone has access to books. It’s important to support your local library because they only get so much funding from the town or state they are in. You can register online, I was able to with my library it may be different in other areas, and once you have your card number you can start checking out books. I was emailed with my number before I picked up my card which was great because it meant that I didn’t have to wait to check anything out.

My library, and I’m sure many others, have books for sale as well that helps fund the library to keep it open. When we are all struggling with money but we want to enjoy that book that we heard about, the library is always an option.

Here are some ways that you can support your local library:

Volunteer – Helping the library itself is a huge way to support the library. Volunteering is just a small way that you can show what the library means to you.

Buy used books – Most libraries will sell books that have been donated to them and it helps give them some extra funding which means that they’ll be able to get those newer books that you wanna read!

Join in events – Libraries have all sorts of events, most may be on hold right now due to the pandemic but going to these events when they come back up will be a great way to help the library.

Donate – You can donate money, books, magazines, newspapers, comics, movies even. Anything can help the library and it’s a good way to give back!

If you have other ways to support your library, please share them! What is your experience with your local library?

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9 thoughts on “Why Your Local Library is Important & How You Can Support it! – My Ity Opinion

  1. Great post! Unfortunately, in France the libraries are really, really bad, the books they have are all old and boring French books that no one reads and I’ve yet to come across an English book other than Harry Potter and Fifty Shades of Grey, but while I was in Scotland for my Erasmus trip, I used the library so much and it was amazing!

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