This is going to be a really short post! Calling Book Bloggers! I’m looking to add reviewers to my blog so if you are someone that wants to post reviews on a blog but doesn’t want to have their own, I’d love to have you! I review horror books, but I’d love to have more rounded reviews in other genres. Romance, Science Fiction, YA, etc.


I would like to bring more content to by blog on a more regular basis. Truthfully, I don’t read as many books as I’d like so it would be amazing to have more reviewers on board to keep things going.

Please keep in mind that you can link to your own affiliate links, and donation links if you’d like as well.

It would be a free place to post your opinion, the only thing that I don’t want on the blog is topics outside of books. They can be ‘hot takes’ as long as long as it’s about books, authors, book twitter, etc.

Lastly, I don’t want reviews that bash or shit on the author. Don’t tag the author in a negative review because that’s just not needed. You can hate whatever you want and express that about the book itself. However, I don’t want anything insulting towards any author on the blog.

I know there is a lot of talk about negative reviews and I love them. I think that they are necessary to the process of reading and buying books. Good reviews are great but ‘Bad’ reviews are great too in their own way.

If that works for you, please comment below or email me through the Contact Page. You can DM me on Twitter as well. We can discuss particulars and schedules if wanted. I’m really looking forward to bring more content and more people to the blog so I hope to hear from you! Thank you all for reading!

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