I went and started my own book club everyone! It started out as Ity Book Club, now Literal Trash Book Club, because I didn’t think I’d get a lot of interest and it’d just be a small private server but we’ve been growing so I thought it was time to do a little promotion post to bring attention to it!

Literal Trash is a discord server book club for 18+. We talk about books and blogging and writing. We are a chill group, knowing that life makes being always around but still allow you to have a place to come back to.


  • We do Book Club reads that span two months to give us all a chance to participate. For January/February we are reading Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn*. At the end of February we are going to get together on Discord and have a voice chat discussion about our thoughts on the book.
  • For March/April we will be reading Shadow and Bone by Leigh Bardugo* in preparation for the show premiering on Netflix. At the end of April we will do another voice chat discussion.
  • In May we will be doing our first Book Club Bingo as a trial run to see if everyone likes it.
  • We will also be looking into Writing Challenges as well.
  • More to come….

We’d love to have more members so please click below for the invite. If you’d like to see more activities or have ideas we’d also love for you to join and help make the server a nice fun place to relax, share our love of books and make some new friends!

Join the Literal Trash Book Club!

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