Everything You Are by Kerry Anne King – A Review

Everything You Are by Kerry Anne King is my first 5 star book of 2021! The story focuses on three people: Allie, Phee, and Braden. The book starts with Bradens ex-wife and son dying in a car crash and he now has to set up and become a father to his 17 year old daughter Allie. The catch is that Braden hasn’t seen Allie since he left her and her brother waiting for him to show up. Ever since, Allie has been hearing her dad’s cello call to her, begging her to play it. Over the years, Allie has continued to play the cello and has become almost a prodigy with the cello. Music has become her life, and she always hoped that if her dad ever came back he would be proud of her. Phee is important to the story because of the cello. The cello in this story has a soul. A soul that has been pieced together from women in the past. The soul within the cello demands to be played and if it isn’t played bad things happen. When Phee hears about the car wreck, she immediately knows that it’s the cello’s curse and jumps to track down Braden.

l was not a fan of the curse aspect of the book. It wasn’t expanded on for me to think that it was necessary for the story to be successful. There was enough there with just the soul pieces and it becoming a part of the cello. Not to mention all of sub conflicts with the divorce, alcoholism, suicide, and trauma that affect Allie and Braden as well. This is the only negative opinion l have against this book.

As for every other detail in this book, l absolutely adored it. Phee has had a crush on Braden since the first time they met. Braden had an affair with the cello, and the possible murder of his brother-in-law. Allie going through the rebel phase after the funeral for her mother and brother. Skipping school, ruining her perfect attendance, and throwing her cello audition. All of the drama and not knowing what is the truth and what isn’t. Wondering what they are all going to do about one another.


The next sentence will include a somewhat major plot point and anything after that may include slight spoilers. You have been warned. l have to admit, when Braden left the cello on the subway, l almost stopped reading the book because l was so mad at him! I also felt like Braden’s alcoholism is portrayed very intensely. At some points it was a bit much in my opinion however, some people do suffer from alcoholism so bad that the events really could’ve happened like that. I did like the shared alcoholism between Phee and Braden because I felt like that brought them together on a different kind of level compared to just the love of the cello.

Wrap up: I loved this book. After reading the ending, I was literally buzzing. I even messaged the Literal Trash Book Club at midnight when I finished it just to say that. I felt the overwhelming need to share how amazing this book is. 10/10 would DEFINITELY recommend!

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