It’s hard to believe that I’ve had this blog for two years now. I’m not always super active on it, something that I do always want to work on but sometimes that just doesn’t work out. We’ve spent the last year in a pandemic, many of us in lockdowns, and it’s been hard for everyone.

I don’t like to pretend that my experience has been more difficult but I know that it’s been pretty easy when compared to a lot of others. Being stuck at home has brought a lot of changes into my life some better than others but a constant has been this blog and for that I’m grateful.

I started this because I missed reading books and I wanted to give myself a bookish outlet. I didn’t realize just how big the bookish community was, more specifically bookbloggers, but I wanted to find a voice regardless. I think that I’ve grown, learned, and met great people along the way. I hope that is something that continues.

Working full-time, having a family and trying to blog is way harder than I expected. I feel like you have to kind of decide how much of yourself you can really invest in a hobby like this. Of course there is always the lingering aspirations that this will form into a job, that I’ll make money from it, that I won’t have to keep doing work that I don’t love but honestly I think finding a happiness in what you have at the start is so important.

I have not read many books this past year, not reviewed many books either. I’ve posted some lovely opinion pieces that I enjoy doing but overall I haven’t really had a good month since October. Despite that, I’m still here, and I think that shows just how much this means to me deep down.

So I want to use this to just say Thank you. Thank you to all that follow me on my blog, my twitter, my instagram or my facebook. Thank you to everyone that comments or likes my posts. Thank you for supporting me in anyway that you can.

I hope that I can find a better balance in the future. I hope that I can post regularly every month. I’ll still be here though, trying to do better, and I’m lucky to have so many of you with me.

Here’s to another year of reading books, loving books and talking about books!

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