Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn – A Review

This book was the BotM for my bookclub and I was super excited to read it. I had tried to read Gone Girl but couldn’t get into it so I thought this would be a great chance to give Gillian Flynn another go. Sharp Objects is a crime thriller and I have a lot to say about it so let’s get right into it!

Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn
Genre: Crime Thriller
Published: 09/26/2006

Fresh from a brief stay at a psych hospital, reporter Camille Preaker faces a troubling assignment: she must return to her tiny hometown to cover the unsolved murder of a preteen girl and the disappearance of another. For years, Camille has hardly spoken to her neurotic, hypochondriac mother or to the half-sister she barely knows: a beautiful thirteen-year-old with an eerie grip on the town. Now, installed in her old bedroom in her family’s Victorian mansion, Camille finds herself identifying with the young victims—a bit too strongly. Dogged by her own demons, she must unravel the psychological puzzle of her own past if she wants to get the story—and survive this homecoming.

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This is a super popular book, from a bestselling author and a large publishing company. I’m just giving my personal feelings and thoughts on the book. Since it’s a bestseller there are plenty of those that love this author and this book. I’m not coming for anyone.

Okay got that out of the way.

I hated this book. SO. MUCH. I struggled to finish it. Even considered DNFing it but I wanted to finish it so that I could discuss it with my bookclub. I persevered through it and honestly, not sure I’m better for it. Reading it reminded me of why I stopped reading Gone Girl. Flynn has a specific style of writing but it’s so pretentious that I rolled my eyes.

She overuses similes like a person that reads books until the spines crack and fall apart. It’s a gross misuse for me. Everything that she wanted to describe was described like that.

Camille is a shit person, shit character and I spent the entire thing wondering why I’m supposed to care about her at all. I get that she went through a lot of terrible things. I mean she’s got the kind of mother that she does but I found that if that is all that is supposed to make me care about what happens to her, it’s not enough.

The use of mental illnesses felt like they were used simply to make the family, the town and all involved seem more fucked up. Like that’s all she wanted, to have fucked up characters who do fucked up things cause isn’t that fucked up? I felt like she found all the worst kinds of things people could have and then jammed them into like every member of that family just for the shock of it.

I knew pretty quickly who the murderer was, there was no real shock there. The ending was completely rushed and unsatisfying. When I was done I was left with a feeling of what the fuck did I just read and why is this a bestseller?

At the end of the day, I think that everyone will find that they either love it or hate it. Some may have an indifference to it. I wouldn’t’ recommend it. I think the beauty in reviews is that aren’t praising is that they cause curiosity in the book and maybe that’s enough.

Rating: 2 out of 5.

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