13 Expert Tips To Help You Create A Reading Nook You’ll Never Want To Leave Again

  • Create a reading nook in your apartment to help you stick to your 2022 reading goals
  • Lighting, natural and artificial, is a key element for any reading space
  • The more you personalize your reading nook, the more likely you’ll use it regularly

With 2022 weeks away, now is a perfect time to put pen to paper and list out goals and resolutions for the new year. Since “read more books” often resonates as a popular New Year resolution, we connected with authors, book bloggers and literary lovers for their creative and expert tips to help you create a reading nook at home that will inspire you to read more.

Whether you live for audiobooks or the smell of an old used book between your hands, these tips for creating a reading nook will help you establish a reading routine that will lead you to achieve all your bibliolater dreams.

1. Get organized

“I love following monthly reading trends like Non-Fiction November, Pride Month June and Black History Month February and organize my To Be Read (also known as TBRs) books in a four-tier metal book cart, decorated with book-themed magnets and stickers and arranged by projected reading month,” says author Nina Little.

“In addition, I organize my bookshelves by geographic region. For example, I have individual shelves for Europe, Latin/South America, USA/Canada, Africa, Asia, Oceania/Australia and when choosing a book, I rotate around the continents so that my reading is always varied and diverse.”

“Plus, as I’ve created a reading nook for myself, I’ve acquired a variety of library-scented candles, a “just one more chapter” pillow, a Jane Austen flower pot and lots of reading-themed coffee mugs…for inspiration.”

2. Think of the space as an oasis

“When you’re creating a reading nook, I recommend thinking of the space as a place to unwind, recharge and escape into another world or time. It doesn’t matter what size the reading nook is — it could be a whole room or just a quiet corner of your home,” says Jaymi from the OCBookGirl blog, “Add a soft chair or couch, a table or tray for snacks and a good light. Plants, candles or special artwork will help pull your book nook together!”

3. Opt for warm lights

Fairy lights next to a book.

“My number one tip for creating a reading nook is to create pockets of light. Set up fairy lights, light some candles, turn on a dimmed lamp — anything that will add warm light. After that, all you need is a good book and a warm blanket!” says Millie from Wandering Through Lit.

4. Avoid shadows

“The most important [thing] for a reading oasis at home is good lighting and a comfy spot! Make sure that it’s a place you can sit in for hours, night or day, and don’t have to worry about becoming uncomfortable, or having to leave when it’s dark because there’s not enough light,” says Sammy from We Write At Dawn.

“If your oasis includes your shelves, you can add things like fairy lights across the bays and on top to add light and make your shelves glow beautifully. But, make sure to at least have a light bright enough that you never have to worry about pesky shadows or straining in the dark!”

5. Set the mood

Reading lamp in a reading corner.

“Create a reading nook where you can escape the harsh realities of the real world and slip into an entirely different realm by swapping your regular lighting for something more subtle and whimsical,” says Erin Schreiner from Drink Read Repeat.

“Select a lamp with a gauzy shade that, while casting enough light to read, provides much softer illumination than the four, 40-watt bulbs in your ceiling fan that all but burn your retinas. If you’re seeking something even dreamier, consider stringing up some large-bulbed fairy lights around the space to create a fantastical environment in which to slip into your latest fantasy or romance read.”

6. Create a reading nook without distractions

“My reading nook is all about removing the outside world, I can’t risk it interrupting while I’m reading. I don’t have any posters or photos around the area, as I want to focus on the story in my hands. Instead, I let the area fuel my creativity with plants, paintings, colorful cushions and a soft lamp,” says Fleurine Tideman from Symptoms of Living.

7. Find a space that speaks to you

Creating a reading nook in the bathtub.

“My best or most creative tip for curating a reading oasis at home is to hone in on what place makes you feel the most relaxed and then curate that space accordingly. A reading nook should feel like an escape to you, and that may come in a variety of formats: outdoors, on the floor, on a cozy chair near a fireplace, or even in a bathtub!” says Jules Buono from The Literary Lifestyle.

8. Details matter

“A relaxing reading nook instantly boosts your motivation to read more books. So, try to create a reading nook by personalizing it with your favorite books, comfy footrest and a bench by the window to help you wander off after a nice read. While you do this, don’t forget the practical details and add a small table to help you keep your hot beverages. A good scent like lavender can also create a relaxing atmosphere to help you get in the mood and enjoy the book in peace,” says Asfa from Doitwriters.com.

9. Think comfort

“Make sure the seat chosen is as comfy as possible. Top it off with a soft blanket and you’ll be perfectly cozy. When you get lost in that book, you won’t want to get up anytime soon,” says Chasity from ItyReadsBooks.com

10. Display your favs

Bookshelves filled with books and personal items.

“Situate your reading nook near a standing bookshelf or floating shelves with books on display. This makes for easy access to your favorite books,” says Melonia Capria, a blogger from BadassBlackGirl.com.

“I like to keep some of my favorite covers on display. These covers serve as a sort of invitation — since I typically build out a reading list for the month or season, which feeds into my cover display rotation and serves as a constant prompt to read.”

11. Build an area you won’t want to leave

“The best way to create a reading nook is to convert a closet into a reading space by clearing it of storage, adding light and placing a comfortable chair in there. Having a set area for reading will help you concentrate on the book and what you’re reading. If you don’t have space in your closet for a reading nook, I recommend adding a room divider to the space to add privacy to your reading area,” says author MJ Fievre, the author of the Badass Black Girl series.

“Additionally, make sure you have adequate lighting in your reading nook. The lamp you choose should not be so bright that the words are blanched out on the pages in front of you, nor should it be so dark that you have to squint to read. Pick a lamp with a warm, vibrant bulb.”

“Keep a reading journal in your reading nook. A reading journal is a great place to jot down inspirational quotes or general observations about what you’re reading. It’s also a great way to keep track of what you’ve read.”

“If you have the space, choose a chaise lounge for your reading nook or make sure your chair has an ottoman — so you can kick your feet up! Elevating your feet during reading periods helps to increase circulation.”

“Lastly, make a little space in your reading nook for an end table. You can store pens, pencils and a beverage of your choice here. So, once you start reading, you won’t want to get up to retrieve items that you can easily store on this end table. The table doesn’t have to be big, but having an end table handy will make your reading sessions less distracted and productive.”

12. Personalize, personalize, personalize

Reading in a reading nook.

“Make it your own! A reading nook is just a place where you love to read, so fill it with things that make you happy and in the mood to settle in and read a good book! I made my nook my own with a cozy chair, a wooden bookshelf holding my favorite books, houseplants and fairy lights strung along the wall — comfy, dreamy and perfectly me,” says Megan Roberts from Disappear in Ink.

13. Reading nooks sometimes are a state of mind

“Because I have a very busy lifestyle, sometimes I have to create a reading nook for myself while I’m on the go. Technology helps me do that — especially online apps that I can open whether I’m on the subway or in my office chair at work. To me, a reading nook is a state of mind,” says Kate from Sumizeit.com.

Treat your shelves and yourself

As you start setting new years resolutions and goals for 2022, think about ways you can invest in yourself and your personal home space. Reading helps reduce stress (in fact, it has a stronger effect than going for a walk, drinking a cup of tea or coffee or listening to music). And it can even improve your life span.

Creating a reading nook is a helpful way to establish a reading routine that you will not only stick to but reap the benefits of for the rest of your life. Remember — it doesn’t matter what you read, as long as you do it and do it often.

Read the original article here. This post was done in collaboration with ApartmentGuide.com.

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