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BBNYA has finally begun!

If you’ve been living under a rock maybe you haven’t heard but Book Blogger Novel of the Year Awards are starting this year and I’m so excited. There is so many exciting new developments...


Holy Sh*t! It’s been a year!

Happy Blog-iversary to me! It’s really kind of crazy that it’s been a year already on this blog. There have certainly been some ups and downs. Mainly my dropping the ball with regularly posting,...


What happened to Opinions?

I recently came across a situation on Twitter where a booktuber had posted a tweet about an artist. The tweet was basically an observational opinion on the artists work. Stating that it seemed like...

Holy Smokes it is December 0

Holy Smokes it is December

I had only two posts last month, a disappointing month for sure. A lot of things happened at the end of October, then it was November. Then it was the middle of November. Now...

Envie Magazine – Blog of the Month 0

Envie Magazine – Blog of the Month

I’m so excited guys! What was The Writing Community Newsletter and flourished into Envie! A Magazine for the Literary Curious. I was lucky enough to be a reviewer for the newsletter before but now...

What Is Happening?! 0

What Is Happening?!

It’s just about that time but since I totally missed doing a wrap up for last month and I’ve only done three posts for September I decided to do this ‘wrap-up’ business a little...

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