Review Policy

Review Requests are closed until further notice!

Promo Posts (cost: $5.00) are open! There is ad space (336×280) available as well for $10.00 for 1 month.

These can be paid via PayPal. You can contact me through my contact page if interested.

Hello to all Authors and Publishers! Here you will find my review policy.  Thank you for considering me to review your book! I love reading but my favorite genres are Fantasy, Paranormal, Horror, Thriller as either Adult or Young Adult.

Please note that I am currently backlogged with books, so please make sure that you are okay with waiting for me to read and reviewing. Once I do review, I will only tag you on Twitter if the review is over 3 stars. Anything below that I will contact you directly to let you know but I will not tag you in a low review. 

I will accept a copy of your book in exchange for an honest review. Ebooks, preferably Kindle files, are welcome as I know the cost of print copies can be hefty. I will post a spoiler free review on this blog. If I receive a review copy of any book from NetGalley, I will also post a review there. 

At this time I don’t regularly post reviews on Goodreads but if requested I can also post the review there. I am also able to post reviews on Amazon so if you would like me to post them there I would be more than happy to. 

I reserve the right to decline any request for a review but feel free to request again at a later date unless I decline because the book itself isn’t my cup of tea.

I don’t want to review any book outside of my genres generally but I welcome anyone that would like to request a review. I may want to give your book a try and see where it takes me, however should I DNF your book I will not post a review as I don’t believe that is fair to you as the writer or fair to the publisher. I will let you know personally if that occurs.

Contact me through my contact page  if you have any questions about my Review Policy. 

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