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March Wrap Up

Holy smokes guys! The end of March is here and I feel like I’m back on track with my blog. I’m so happy to be here a year later and still enjoying the overall...

Envie Magazine – Blog of the Month 0

Envie Magazine – Blog of the Month

I’m so excited guys! What was The Writing Community Newsletter and flourished into Envie! A Magazine for the Literary Curious. I was lucky enough to be a reviewer for the newsletter before but now...

My Top 5 Horror Books 0

My Top 5 Horror Books

Well for October I should have had way many more posts than what I’d done, which so far is this one. However, I thought a Top 5 was a good way to start because...

July Wrap-Up 0

July Wrap-Up

July is over?! How did that happen? This month has flown by, I can’t even believe it. It is the end of my 5th month with this blog and it’s been such a lovely...

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